Episode 022 – Moonwalk Talks Simulcast

Episode 022 - Moonwalk Talks Simulcast YouTube ArtOn this first ‘simulcast’ release for The MJCast and Moonwalk Talks, Jamon and Q are joined by hip hop producer, rapper, podcast host and all ’round MJ fan extraordinaire, Jankins! The boys kick things off this week with an in depth discussion on the recently announced Spike Lee documentary Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown to Off the Wall followed by an exploration into the dozens of MJ leaks that have happened over the past week. Next, Chris Cadman’s new website, Michael Jackson Masterworks is discussed just in time for a quick ‘Skype in’ from The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent, Charles Thomson. Charles fills us in on the latest developments in the Serova Vs. Sony/Cascio/Porte/Estate lawsuit. Lastly, the recently released and controversial Greg Gorman photograph of Michael that’s on display in the Berlin Museum of Photography is analysed. We hope you enjoy this final episode before The MJCast’s first Christmas Special later in December.

The long awaited follow up documentary to Bad 25 by Spike Lee will premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival…and it’s called Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall.
A plethora of Michael Jackson material has been made available to the public through co-ordinated leaks over the past week, including…

  • Dangerous rehearsal footage from the Dangerous World Tour.
  • The Way You Make Me Feel rehearsal footage from the Dangerous World Tour…with Michael delivering lyrics in spoken word.
  • Behind the scenes footage of the 1993 Oprah Winfrey interview.
  • You Are Not Alone (A Cappella).
  • Best of Joy (A Cappella).
  • The HIStory World Tour live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The HIStory World Tour live in Auckland, New Zealand).
  • The Bad World Tour live in Rome, Italy.
  • The Bad World Tour live in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The Victory Tour live in Toronto, Canada.
  • Ghosts film outtakes.
  • The 1993 version of the video for Is It Scary.
  • An alternate video version of the short film, Give in to Me.
  • An extended version of the Dangerous era Pepsi ad video featuring the song Who Is It.
  • An alternate cut of the short film, They Don’t Care About Us (Prison Version).
  • Man in the Mirror (A Cappella).
  • Seeing Voices (A Cappella).
  • Jam short film (alternate cut with previously unseen footage).

Author Chris Cadman has launched a new website entitled Michael Jackson Masterworks.
UK Journalist and The MJCast Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson unpacks the latest court documents regarding the Serova Vs. Sony/Branca/Cascio/Porte/MJJ Productions/Angelikson case. The relevant court documents can be accessed as a PDF here.
A new Michael Jackson photograph is on display at the Berlin Museum of Photography courtesy of photographer, Greg Gorman.

Discussion Topic
Our favourite MJ songs

Our favourite MJ albums…

Our favourite MJ short films…

Our favourite MJ look/style…

  • Q – Napoleonic, 18th/19th century military inspired clothing (with special mention going to the gold HIStory World Tour opening costume)
  • Jamon – As above (as exemplified by Michael’s 1990 appearance at The White House with George Bush Sr.)
  • Jankins – The sequinned costumes on The Victory Tour

Our favourite MJ concert tour…

Our favourite Mj appearance/performance…

Finds of the Week
Jamon – The Jackson 5’s Christmas Album
Q – At the 1988 Bad concert…well the car park of Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
Jankins – Baby Be Mine cover by Bella

Additional Links
Charles Thomson’s official websiteTwitter and Facebook pages
Jankins’ official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube pages
Moonwalk Talks website and iTunes page – subscribe today!
Michael Jackson’s Suzuki ad series
I Can’t Help It [The Reflex Edit]
Damien Shields’ website
Images from the Arno Bani photoshoot
Spike Lee’s Bad 25 documentary film
J Randy Taraborelli’s Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story
Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on Blu-ray
Michael Jackson’s Number Ones on DVD
Michael Jackson’s HIStory on Film: Vol II on DVD
Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World video clip
Roberto Cavalli’s concept art sketches and blog post on designing for Michael
Jankins feat. Michael Jackson – Cheater music video
The MJCast and Moonwalk Talks MEGA FAN Verna Gold!
MJBeats, The Bad Tour Archive and The Michael Jackson Archives

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2 Replies to “Episode 022 – Moonwalk Talks Simulcast”

  1. alexinou

    The cross-over episode! And after listening to Moonwalk Talks, here’s the Director’s Cut extended edition 😃
    I was so looking forward to this one, checking the dates, episode after episode to make sure I was listening to both podcasts chronologically.
    Fantastic episode, so glad you got together, great dynamic between the 3 of you, you could feel the excitement and it was contagious, LOVE this episode 😃 😃 😃
    Jamon mentioned lip sync on the later tours and it reminded me of Taj’s reference to it in episode 20: it sounded like Michael hated the idea but felt he had no choice if he wanted to deliver, dance-wise, up until the end of the show. I wish it had been better handled. I would have preferred to be fooled with rehearsal live recording, instead of the original studio recording that made it so obvious to spot the difference.

    About the “lean” in Smooth Criminal, Jankins mentions the patented shoes but one thing Jamon might spot with his home cinema system and high definition Moonwalker blu-ray: you can see that during the lean, they are… wired! The HD revealed the strings during the lean 😁
    The patent for the lean shoes is from the early 90s I think and I’m not sure he did it during the Bad tour.

    Fantastic update from Charles, it’s such a gift to listen to his updates, they are well broken down, with context and expertise, separating clearly the facts from the opinion, it is so good, I love it.
    And writing this in 2020, 4 years later, there is still no end to Vera Serova’s case.

    Regarding Arno Bani’s 1999 photo shoot in France, I remember when a French magazine reported it at the time (with no details to keep the secret), but when Invincible eventually came out two years later, the same magazine revealed details of Arno Bani’s session (we still didn’t know what the photos looked like) but that although Michael had selected a photo from the shoot for the album, that Sony had flat out rejected it and another shoot had been organised for the cover. I’d love to see more photos from that Invincible cover shoot, like “real” colour photos.

    Rule 43, that was a funny discussion. Totally with Q on that: nope nope nope.

    So I wasn’t the only one disappointed with the You Rock My World video. It felt rushed and badly edited. Words at the time were that the concept was the original shelved idea for a Dangerous video that was dug up at the last minute when Sony decided it would be the lead single instead of Unbreakable.
    They said at the time that the song was a tremendous success and it had achieved the unprecedented feat of being nº1 for radio play, night clubs and single sales all simultaneously in several countries. So I’ve had a look and I couldn’t find anything to support that, HOWEVER, out of 30 charts where You Rock My World was ranked across the world, it made it to top 5 in 22 of them and reached nº1 in 6 countries 😃

    Really glad you discussed Jankins’s Cheater song, it’s an absolute killer!!

    The extra bit after the end credit of the episode were so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing, “Michael sounds different because he was singing under my dining table” haha!! Love it, love it.

    My comments are getting longer and longer, sorry and thanks for reading that far 😁
    Maybe there should be a character limit or I’ll end up crashing your website.

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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