161: Ghosts Roundtable

Adam Green, Paul Black, and Hannah Savage join host Jamon Bull for a deep-dive discussion around Michael Jackson’s masterpiece, Ghosts. They chat about all aspects of the incredible short film (which is so often neglected by a mainstream audience), including the story, music, choreography, cinematography and editing. Plus, they explore whether Ghosts has aged well, in comparison to another iconic Jackson short film, Thriller. Finally, they dig into an assortment of other topics around this project, including the ’93 version, the making of, the boxset, and assess why Ghosts didn’t achieve the widespread acclaim of some of Jackson’s other major works.

This roundtable group brings incredible insights into the history and context of the Ghosts short film through their unique perspectives as film makers and editors, and they have great stories to share, such as Paul Black’s experience of sitting just a few seating away from Jackson himself, at the 1997 Australia premiere of the film.

Happy Thriller Night!

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.

• Adam Green (film director and host of The Movie Crypt podcast)
• Paul Black (Sydney-based Film editor, and Friend of the Show)
• Hannah Savage (YouTube documentarian who has made a great videos about Blood on the Dance Floor, Ghosts, and other MJ topics)
• Jamon Bull, co-host of The MJCast

Additional Links
• Official, full-length short film of Michael Jackson’s Ghosts.

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2 Replies to “161: Ghosts Roundtable”

  1. John

    Another amazing episode! As a fan of Hannah Savage’s content, this was a dream come true! Keep up the great work, all of you!

  2. Gursajan Singh

    Great episode guys and it’s become one of my favourites. I love the horror movie Frozen haha. And yest totally agree about the rubbish t-shirts. Keep up the great work guys.


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