153: Season Eight Christmas Special

Taj Jackson joins Jamon Bull, Elise CapronCharlie Carter, and Charles Thomson to celebrate the holidays and reflect on this past year… Welcome to The MJCast’s eighth annual Christmas special!

The crew discusses loads of news updates and developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including the Thriller Night party at Hayvenhurst, the strange turn John Branca’s social media has taken, the Estate’s hiring of creators such as Lynn Nottage and Nelson George, incredible found footage of Michael Jackson’s Sega game, updates in Taj Jackson’s life and with his docuseries project, and much more. Plus, the team reflects on the year that was at the podcast, and what we have coming up in Season 9.

We want to give a special thank-you to all of our listeners; to the wider MJ fan community; to our amazing fellow content creators (who all do this our of love for MJ’s legacy!); to our long-time back-end team (Q, James Alay, Jason Garcia); to frequent guests on the show who have contributed so much (Shawn Shackelford, Damien Shields, Velo Kristina, and more); to all the guests we’ve had on, including Jackson family members, studio collaborators, and long-time fans; to all of those who have provided logistical and emotional support along the way; and to our families, who put up with the many hours we spend working on this show. And, of course, to the King of Pop, who is the one who brings us all together in the first place. Happy holidays, #MJFam.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

• Taj Jackson (Donate to Taj’s docuseries, Re-Righting HIStory, here.)
• Jamon Bull
• Elise Capron
• Charlie Carter
• Charles Thomson

Discussion Topics
• Thriller Night party. What a night!
• What is going on with John Branca’s new social media presence?
• Lynn Nottage still on the fence regarding Michael Jackson.
• Charlie Thomson’s review of the Broadway show.
• Charlie Thomson’s review of the early showing of Nelson George’s Thriller 40 documentary.
• Incredible lost Michael Jackson Sega game footage uncovered by fans.
• Taj’s updates on life and projects!
• 2022: The year that was, and what we have coming up in 2023.
• Thank yous
• Bloopers

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4 Replies to “153: Season Eight Christmas Special”

  1. Alexandre

    Great episode!!
    Loved the interaction, it’s always a pleasure to hear so many of you together and having fun, and getting Taj and his unique insight is always a treat.

    Regarding the Black Jackson Estate’s comments on Taj, I disagree with judging him and calling him a scammer or whatever it was they called him.
    However, his (sporadic) communication has been terrible and it should not be a surprise that with the lack of apparent progress, people start to question his motives. More than excuses for not advancing (“there’s been a pandemic, I’ve participated in others’ projects”, etc.), I was hoping for a mea culpa because he created his campaign on 19th Jan 2019, four years ago now, and it does seem like he has nothing to show for the hundreds of thousands of dollars he’s received so far.
    Maybe he’s been at it tirelessly but how are we supposed to know if he does not communicate? How difficult is it to put out a 5-second extract of some of his content on Tiktok or wherever? Google “Re-Righting HIStory” and the most recent update you find is his Gofundme March 2022 update.

    I’m glad I’ve donated and I do trust him, but that’s me. Other reactions are totally justified, we should not be asked to just “trust him”, it’s not like Michael Jackson himself always delivered everything he announced.

    Also as you have very well articulated at the MJ Cast when the MJ Estate cancelled its plans for History 25 with the excuse of the pandemic, movies were filmed, albums were recorded, a lot of content was created during the pandemic.

    It sounded like you were vilifying the Black Jackson Estate when their reactions, given the absence of news, seemed very justified.

    Now, back to the MJ Cast, thank you again for an amazing year, even if for any reason you were to stop (for instance, family life taking over), your legacy is tremendous!!

    Alexandre (he/him)


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