144: We Love All the Charlies

On this first regular news episode of Season 8, Q and Damien Shields join host Elise Capron and Charlie Carter. It’s an old-school MJCast reunion, chock full of good ol’ fan chat around the latest news in the world of Michael Jackson. The team discusses updates on MJ: The Musical, Kingvention, the must-watch YouTube series “Beyond The Saturday Sun”, new(-ish) music from Jermaine Jackson, and, for their main discussion topic, dive into the controversy around the Estate’s handling of the 40th anniversary of Thriller. The team also wants to wish Jamon Bull and his amazing wife, Li, the best of luck as they prepare to welcome their second child. Go #TeamBull!

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.

Discussion Topics
• MJ The Musical earns ten Tony nominations, and will go on tour in 2023. The opening song has been released via streaming.
• Kingvention is back.
• Manu Bezamat’s docuseries, Beyond the Saturday Sun, has been released on Youtube.
• “New” single from Jermaine Jackson, Save Tomorrow, releasing June 3, 2022.
• It’s the year of Blood on the Dance Floor 25!
• The Estate’s Thriller 40 launch, and response to fans. Plus, fans create their own visions for #Thriller40 packaging.

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2 Replies to “144: We Love All the Charlies”

  1. Cathy

    I’ve listened to all of MJ Cast episodes and I love them. This is the first time that I’ve commented. I’m shy but I felt that I had to speak up. My thoughts.
    You all have every right to speak your mind. I agree with all that you’ve said. Demos are great for a cd for the XL Thriller anniversary. Thriller will never go out of style. I’d love to know what the demo sounds. I’m excited about all of your ideas and hopefully the Estate will open their ears and listen to the hard core fans and do the work. The new fans would love this, too.
    Honestly, I hate the 40 graphic font merch. I thought they should’ve put high quality Michael’s Thriller cover on all the merch. I also thought to add a 12 ” x 12 ” high quality poster of Michael’s Thriller cd cover. The poster could be framed.
    Michael is everything. He deserves center stage, forever.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      You make great points, and we so appreciate you sharing your thoughts, Cathy! Thank you for tuning in. -Elise


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