150: Matt Forger Special (Part 1)

Matt Forger, legendary studio engineer and Michael Jackson collaborator, joins co-hosts Jamon Bull and Charles Thomson for an extensive interview in celebration of Thriller’s 40th anniversary, Blood on the Dance Floor’s 25th anniversary, and marking 150 episodes of The MJCast. This is the team’s first two-part interview, which will be continued in #TheMJCast151.

Forger is an icon in the music industry. He recorded classic Michael Jackson songs for the albums Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, and Blood on the Dance Floor, worked on Captain EO, and much more. Not only was Forger a crucial player in shaping many of music history’s most important tracks, but he worked with the King of Pop during his creative and commercial peak. He also worked closely with other well-known Jackson studio collaborators and innovators such as John Barnes and Brad Buxer. Forger, through his technical wizardry, helped Michael Jackson push the boundaries of pop music, creating songs and experiences that will live on for generations to come.

These are the stories behind the songs.

The entire MJCast team would like to thank our listeners, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the support and engagement through 150 episodes of interviews and fan discussion. We could not do this without you, and cherish the community we’ve built, all for honoring the legacy of the King of Pop!

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.

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One Reply to “150: Matt Forger Special (Part 1)”

  1. Alexandre

    Fantastic conversation with excellent questions for an amazing guest!!
    It’s so rare to hear from someone who was there during the Thriller era.
    Matt seems so comfortable reminiscing all these unique events, it makes me wonder why he wasn’t a guest before and if it will be mentioned in the 2nd part.
    I have 2 more “12 days of Christmas” from the BJE before I listen to part 2 but I can’t wait!
    I love how you leave Matt space to tell his stories and as always, you had excellentes questions!


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