098: We Had a Break…Allegedly…

Jamon and Q are back with their first regular news and discussion episode of Season 5! The guys have lots of updates to catch up on after their between-season break, though, admittedly, much of that news has been cast in a dark shadow with the release of the deceptive film, Leaving Neverland. Still, the fellas carry on, and dive into the good and the bad of these troubling times we are in. They chat about developments around the upcoming Michael Jackson musical, Macaulay Culkin’s defence of MJ, a recently restored Michael Jackson and George Harrison radio interview, and the fantastic MJ-inspired music video for “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” by Jason Derulo, LAY, and NCT 127. They also discuss Naomi Campbell’s story behind the “In The Closet” video, the English-language publication of the first book in the “Jackson Collector Series”, called The Backstage Pass Collection, plus much more.

For their main discussion topic, the MJCast hosts are joined by Friend of the Show and The MJCast Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson, as well as first-time guest Anika Kotecha, of the MJ Innocent campaign. As many listeners have eagerly awaited, they have a serious discussion about the aftermath of Leaving Neverland: the world’s reaction, the Estate’s response, incredible efforts from fans, Taj Jackson’s amazing campaign for his counter documentary and his appearance on radio and TV shows, and where we stand now, as a community.

This episode also includes updates from The MJCast correspondents, Finds of the Week, and a selection of great music breaks. The MJCast looks forward to a great Season 5 to come!

Follow Up
• First regular episode of Season 5. Not the vibe we wanted to start to the season with but…

Main Discussion Topic
• Leaving Neverland and its aftermath

• Michael Jackson musical ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ to premiere in Chicago before hitting Broadway, or not. Chicago run has been cancelled.
• Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh celebrates Michael Jackson during Paris Fashion Week in New York City, and then cancels production of the pieces that specifically reference Michael.
• Someone (probably Frank Cascio) is trying to auction rare footage of Michael Jackson, including him experimenting with his circular moonwalk.
• Quincy Jones to conduct a live symphonic orchestra playing Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad at the O2 in London in June.
• A rare Michael Jackson and George Harrison radio interview has been restored.
• Tobias Ellehammer releases a dance video which re-interprets Michael Jackson’s Scream choreography.
• Jason Derulo, LAY, NCT 127 – Let’s Shut Up and Dance fire hot music video tributes MJ in choreography and style.
• Naomi Campbell tells the story behind her collaboration with Michael Jackson on the ‘In The Closet’ video.
• Macaulay Culkin defends his friendship with Michael Jackson on the Inside of You podcast.
• The first book of the Jackson Collector Series in English has been released, called The Backstage Pass Collection, from Christophe Charlot of MJ Backstage and Traveling With a King, the travel guide for MJ fans.
• BE@RBRICK releases official Michael Jackson collectibles.

Finds of the Week
• Jamon – Weezer covers Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.
• Q – @FactualMJ, @MJFactuel, @MJJForumUSA www.mjjforum.com  

Additional Links
• MJ Innocent campaign website

Ad & Music Breaks
• Michael Jackson – Tabloid Junkie (Michael Jackson vs. Will Smith Mix)
• Michael Trapson – F*ck Wade
• Janet Jackson – Son of a Gun (P. Diddy Explicit Radio Remix)
• Michael Jackson – Why You Wanna Trip On Me (DJ MGR Trip On Mix)

Correspondent Appearances
• Janneke van der Linden of Jackson Source (Jackson family Correspondent)
• Courtney and Cam of Janet Today, Janet Tomorrow, Janet Forever podcast (Janet Jackson Correspondent)
• Steven Hodges of MJFFC (Charity Correspondent)

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2 Replies to “098: We Had a Break…Allegedly…”

  1. Des

    Speechless,what can I say,thank you all for being there and fighting for justice and truth,because there’s only one truth and too many lies .You the younger generation you’ve got the world in your hands and many of us older people not very comfortable with social media we count on you to be our voice,because many of us believe Michael is innocent of every accusation.But also people like you with values and principles with logic and facts,you giving us hope that we have to fight for the truth .I’ve been spending four to five hours every day for more than a month ,reading and watching and listening everything all the tweets the links interviews your name it ,you’ll see I’ve got the time .Through Helenas blog that I’ve been reading for five years I have learned so much. My heart is breaking for Michael’s children,they were so young when Michael died and not having their father around to hear from his mouth the truth ,they have to relay on the family and the fans,they must be filing very lonely in times like that .I am a mother and a grandmother if I had any doubt that Michael Jackson was abusing children I would not talk about him or listen to his music. Me and my grandson we put our t shirts on and of we go with Michael’s music in the car and my grandson goes higher yiayia that’s granny in Greek.I haven’t watched the movie but I feel like I have,there’s so much out there and almost every day a new lie from the movie it’s been exposed, and as for Wade crying ,he is an actor ,they both been in front of the camera all their life’s especially Wade.I can’t called documentary because I have different opinion about documentaries ,now these days I have learned so much about editing and all these stuff that they can manipulate everything and make you believe what they want you to believe, and as for the mothers,I have never ever seen or heard of a mother going in front of a camera for the world to see and praise the abuser or just talk about it ,they doing it because they lying,if they truly believed that their sons been sexually abused they should disappear completely from the public, and hide their faces and deal with their guilt.They were the ones that put their children there,they were responsible for them it wasn’t that they sent them to church or school and they been abused .All of us we know someone who has been abused one way or another we can see the lies and we feel for the real victims and we have our ayes open trying to protect our children.Real victims do not settle for money they want justice.I have listen to all Charles Thomson interviews my God I can listen to him for hours,what a man I have no words.Thank you to all of you for all your hard work,some of you more than others,but also the ones with families make them your first priority. I have the greatest respect for all of you.

  2. Anna Maso

    Hi guys, just saying hello from Brazil and saying too that I’m enjoying so much the Episodes! In these difficult days it means a lot for a “completely crazy about MJ fan”. Thanks for the great work !


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