160: Clearing the Runway

Taj Jackson joins Charles Thomson for a deep-dive discussion around updates in his life and work. The guys talk about developments with Taj’s docuseries on Michael Jackson, “Re-Righting History”, as well as the upcoming MJ biopic, the recent Robson/Safechuck ruling, Leaving Neverland 2, Taj’s insights regarding his interactions with fans, the exciting recent expansion of his family with the birth of his third daughter, and much more.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

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4 Replies to “160: Clearing the Runway”

  1. Nelum sooriampola

    Dear TAj, just want to say we are so appreciative of what you do for Michael and thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💕 🙏take your time for your truthful docu series and make it right as your uncle would do always , love and blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  2. Des

    Hello to the MJCast and thank you Taj for taking the time to informed us,Taj I have never heard you talking with such confidence and clear and strong and I love its about time to voice your voice and we are all here behind you all for love truth and justice . Thank you MJCast .

  3. Gursajan Singh

    This is a great episode. It was good to hear Charles and Taj just one on one. Taj is so polite and well mannered but at the same time not taking any non sense from anyone. I am really looking forward to the docuseries. Keep up the good work at the MJ Cast!!

  4. Diana

    This was such a great update and thank you to both Taj and Charles for sharing so much that I personally have been wondering about! I truly cannot wait for the docuseries, keep up the amazing work MJ Cast, Taj and Charles.


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