140: Season Seven Christmas Special

Elise Capron, Jamon Bull, Charlie Carter, Charles Thomson and Taj Jackson join forces to celebrate the holidays and reflect on this past year… Welcome to The MJCast’s annual Christmas Special!

Before getting into the bulk of the discussion topics, Jamon breaks the wonderful news that he and his wife Li are expecting Baby #2! The MJCast sends a special congratulations to Jamon, Li and Olivia.

The crew then discuss loads of news updates and developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including a new Jackson 5 music video, never-before-seen Dangerous album cover concept art and “MJ: The Musical” reviews. Conversation then shifts to looking back on the year that was, some of Taj’s unique stories and options MJ fans have when they want to respond to Twitter ‘blue ticks’ who drag Michael.

We would like to give a special thank you to the incredibly professional and hard working Charlie Carter for editing Season Seven of our podcast. Also, thank you to our amazing listeners for all your support throughout the year and hope that you enjoy our episodes coming up in Season Eight! Happy holidays, #MJFam!

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• The Jackson 5 Christmas song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” has received a new animated music video from Motown.
• Aerial photos of Neverland with new rides have surfaced.
• Mark Ryden has shared never-before-seen early concept art for the Dangerous album cover.
• Polo G has released an original song and video that’s a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.
• “MJ: The Musical” review roundups. What seems to be the consensus? New York Times review. Bobby Huntley II review. Show’s cancelled now due to COVID.
• 2021: The year that was
• ‘Blue ticks’ that drag Michael. Should we call them out or starve them of attention? James Hall of The Telegraph tweeted this. Seany and Annika at MJInnocent called it out publicly through quoting it. Andy Healy expressed an alternate response, that of starving the journalist of attention. What’s the right thing to do? Call things out, or not?

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Aussie teacher who loves tech, music, film, history and being a dad. I host a Michael Jackson podcast called The MJCast.

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