134: My Father Was Ready to Go

In this regular episode, host Jamon Bull is joined by co-founder of The MJCast, our very own Q, as well as first-time guest, mega-fan Shawn Shackelford. The guys cover loads of updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including the Estate’s hiring of Prince Jackson, the return of MJ fan events, including MJ One in Las Vegas and the launch of MJ: The Musical, an honor for Jackson from the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame, updates on Ron Burkle’s purchase of Neverland, and much more. Plus, Shawn tells his amazing fan story, which includes getting to see Michael Jackson in concert during the Triumph, Victory, and Bad tours!

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• The Jacksons release two music videos for “Can You Feel It” remixes, the “Kirk Franklin Remix” and “Jacksons x MLK Remix”.
• The Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame inducts Michael Jackson.
• Cast changes and merch have come for the MJ: The Musical.
• Events are coming back! MJ One in Las Vegas returns on August 19th, with events planned around Michael Jackson’s birthday. Brad Sundberg has just had his first in-person In The Studio event since COVID started.
• Ron Burkle discusses his plans for Neverland.
• Lil Nas X pays homage to Michael Jackson in a recent performance.
• Prince Jackson officially joins the MJ Estate.
• Michael Jackson has been certified as the biggest selling solo artist of all time
• Tito Jackson new song “Love One Another” is out. The album “Under Your Spell” will be out August 6th.
• Paris Jackson will appear on two episodes of American Horror Stories, a spinoff of the American Horror Story series.
• John’s Cameron’s new episode “Janet Jackson (1996 – 1998)”.
• Shawn Shackelford’s fan story.

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4 Replies to “134: My Father Was Ready to Go”

  1. Des

    Hi again to the Mj cast, I really want you to spare some time and read the last post from vindicating Michael (the final reckoning) it’s 4 parts up till now. None of these big stars went through what Michael Jackson went through in every aspect of his life personally and professionally, the hole world loved him but there were big sharks everywhere attacking him. It’s a miracle he survived as long as he did. I like John Branca ,he never said a bad word about Michael okay maybe he didn’t do what the fans were expecting him to do and they made some mistakes like the fake songs but no other Estate had to fight and still do like Michaels Estate, I believe things will get better .f

  2. Sydni

    Love this podcast. Great interview. I really wish John Brance would team up with Taj and get a docuseries done about Michael’s life that covers everything instead the good, the bad and most importantly the truth. I hate that Branca wants to do a biopic I just don’t believe a biopic is a good idea.

  3. alexinou

    Loved the discussions, thank you! Take-aways:

    – No commercial breaks! I kept expecting Jamon to say “Alright guys” to introduce one
    – Jamon head of his department, when did that happen – CONGRATULATIONS!
    – Describing the Remember The Time video kiss with Iman as “steamy”, seriously 😛 when the video came out, I felt I had to make excuses for how awkward it looked
    – Loved how the discussion ended about Lil Nas X
    – Fantastic stories from Shawn, thank you for sharing your experience!
    – Re-enacting the 2005 trial: I’d love Ryan Murphy to do a season of American Crime Story on that, the show on O.J. Simpson worked great
    – More talks about how great Triumph was, probably all down to combining Michael’s new acquired skills and knowledge from Quincy on Off the Wall, with this unique time in his career where he was still fresh, spontaneous AND without Quincy, letting his creativity run wild
    I loved listening to Shawn, it was great to hear Q again, I hope we’ll get an episode with Elise AND Jamon AND with Q soon 🙂

    Alexandre (he/him)


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