154: It’s Really Really Season Nine

Brad Sundberg, Michael Jackson’s Technical Director, is celebrating ten years as the host of “In the Studio with MJ“, a touring seminar exploring Michael’s music.

But in January of this year he fell victim to a crime which sent shockwaves through the fan community, when his personal equipment was stolen by a bootlegger, who raided and released the contents.

In his first and only interview about the devastating theft, he speaks to The MJCast co-hosts Elise Capron, Jamon Bull, and guest host Shawn Shackelford.

Kicking off Season Nine of The MJCast, Brad explains for the first time how the thief made off with hundreds of unreleased Michael Jackson songs and videos and the impact that has had on Brad’s personal and professional lives.

He also shares stories from his time working with the King of Pop, explains what it takes to run a touring seminar on the scale of ITSWMJ, and reveals what’s next for Brad Sundberg.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

• Elise Capron
• Jamon Bull
• Shawn Shackelford
• Brad Sundberg

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