164: Back in the Saddle

Jamon Bull and Charles Thomson kick off Season 10 of The MJCast with a big round-up of news in the world of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. They discuss loads of updates around the MJ biopic, the “Estate vs Katherine Jackson” case, the Robson and Safechuck trials, Sony’s acquisition of a stake in Michael Jackson’s music catalogue, new recordings of interviews with the King of Pop, unreleased music being auctioned off, and more. Plus, the guys discuss their thoughts on two new documentaries: “The Greatest Night in Pop”, about the recording of “We Are the World”, and “The Three Michaels”, which follows a group of young MJ impersonators chasing their dreams.

Welcome to Season 10 of The MJCast!

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull and Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• New pics of Michael on the “Remember the Time” set have been released.
• New recordings of Michael being interviewed for his autobiography have been released.
• Unreleased Michael Jackson song “Seven Digits” is being auctioned after a range of other songs were also auctioned late last year.
• Sony Music buys stake in Michael Jackson’s music catalogue.
• More details have been revealed in the “Estate vs Katherine Jackson” case.
• Susan Yu joins the defence team in the Robson/Safechuck cases.
• The Biopic is full steam ahead.
• We watched “The Three Michaels”.
• We watched “The Greatest Night in Pop”.

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2 Replies to “164: Back in the Saddle”

  1. Abbey Codi

    Great ep! I am a long-time listener but I have never really interacted with you guys, so, hello 🙂 I felt compelled to comment on a few things…
    First of all, the new interview tapes are definitely real and not AI, as speculated, some snippets have been online for 10+ years (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC5gQUE4tK0&t=1s). I think the consensus is that they’re from the mid-’80s (84/85) and the YouTube channel posting them claims to have 3 hours’ worth of these tapes. So far, I think they are very insightful and I disagree that Michael’s answers sound canned, I think he’s being fairly candid, more so than the typical MJ interview, at least, especially when he talks of his relationship with his father. Also, in the newest tape, he talks candidly about his teenage insecurities and god. I find them humanizing and pretty revealing, but that’s just me.
    On another topic, Charles mentioned a disconnect between new fans and old. I feel like I am somewhere in the middle, I am a relatively young fan (I’m in my 20s and was a kid when he died) but I still have educated myself on his life, trials, and tribulations. So, to paint the newer/younger generation of fans as people who don’t care about his history and only see him as a brand and not a real human, I think that’s a gross generalization, to be honest. Obviously, there is a sector of fans that don’t know or care about the nitty-gritty of his life and only want more MJ content, with no regard to the greater context. However, there are plenty of younger fans who are educated and level-headed! Perhaps they just aren’t the loud ones.
    About the biopic, I agree that it sounds nearly impossible to pull off in a way that satisfies the general public, the critics, and the fans. They absolutely have to address the allegations to have any sort of credibility. How they go about including that convoluted topic in a comprehensive and digestible way, I have no clue. I have a feeling they will focus more on the “why” of the allegations; meaning, they will focus on explaining Michael’s deep love for children and his desire to champion them. Not to mention his possible arrested development and the adulthood compensation for his lack of a childhood. I think they will try to explain Michael’s reasons for being unusually close with children and hope that these explanations cover the allegations. This is all just a guess though. With that being said, I’m more hopeful and excited about the biopic than I was when it was announced, but I still have a healthy degree of skepticism. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention John Branca’s inclusion in the biopic, with him being played by the pretty significant and acclaimed actor, Miles Teller, which could only mean he’s got a significant part in the film. I’m also worried about the timing of this film with the Wade/Jimmy civil case and how that’s all going to play out in the media; chaos, the say the least.
    Anyway, just my two cents… Sorry for the long rant!
    Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Michael

    Well written Abbey.

    As far as I concerned I stopped listening after 45 min. Am on the same page as you Guys. I think everything released posthumously has been crap and I don’t care about all these shows. Went to Cirque in Copenhagen and got a refund due to horrible seat. We left after 20min.

    I am not sure how you find your motivation anymore. Charles you seem fed up with everything Michael Jackson. I will be enjoying from 70 – 97 and not give much attention to anything after. An still hoping for releases from 2005 – 2009 but realise it probably aint worth listening to. Also am excited about Taj but transparency from early 2024 appearently wasen’t a way for him. Starten to double it’ll see the light of day.

    Thank you for your Hard work


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