155: Just Me and Two Charlies

Charlie Thomson and Charlie Carter join host Jamon Bull for a round-up of all the latest news in the world of Michael Jackson, in this first regular episode of Season Nine. The guys discuss major updates happening with “MJ: The Musical” as well as the MJ biopic, new music from Paris Jackson and Tito Jackson, distressing developments around MJ’s music catalogue, a new Janet Jackson documentary, and more. Plus, they hash out their thoughts around the online abuse Taj Jackson has recently suffered.

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.

Discussion Topics
• “MJ: The Musical” coming to London, and looking for a new Michael Jackson
• Friend of the Show Harrison Funk has sadly suffered a stroke.
• Janet Jackson is working on new documentary called “Family Time”.
• Just Blaze has revealed there is an unreleased Michael Jackson and Jay-Z collaboration.
• Paris Jackson has released a new song, “Bandaid”, and Tito has released a new song, called “Make Your Mind Up”.
• Production for the official biopic, “Michael”, is underway, and Jaafar Jackson is set to play the role of his uncle.
• Thriller Night will not take place this year, due to the filming of the biopic.
• The Michael Jackson Estate is aiming to sell a portion of Michael Jackson’s catalogue, a move that Katherine Jackson has objected to.
• Taj and Thayana Jackson are having their third child.
• Taj Jackson continues to cop ongoing bullying and abuse.

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5 Replies to “155: Just Me and Two Charlies

  1. Shirley Alves

    Does anyone actually KNOW FOR A FACT that Marlon has any issues? Because both Tito and Jackie don’t seem too concerned at all , posting posts of themselves having fun.

    I’d love to see RANDY join the rest of the brothers because honestly, i think he’s the most talented of the remaining bunch…

  2. Shirley Alves

    Contrary to your doom and gloom opinion on the Biopic, I think you’ve all forgotten about the FILM TECHNOLOGY that now exists – CGI facial duplication (such as that used in the FAST N FURIOUS 7) and blending of REAL MJ’s dancing from afar, with close-ups of Jaffaar’s face, with Michael’s REAL VOCALS while Jaffaar lip syncing…

    1. Gursajan Singh

      I don’t think it was ‘doom and gloom’ but more legitimate concerns about how any one film can depict an accurate account of the life of Michael Jackson. As they said you can take any era such as his childhood and make an entire 2 hour movie from it.

  3. Shirley Alves

    Totally agree with Thompson on the sale of the catalog… the family needs to protect HOW MJ’s catalog would be used. Branca just thinks in terms of $$… (“the greatest SELLING artist “; the largest GROSSING Broadway play”… etc) but more thought needs to go into PROTECTING his music and how it’s used in the future!

    And SONY, of all companies, should NEVER be the company that owns that control.


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