158: Things Just Blow in Through the Window

John Cameron joins Jamon Bull and Charlie Thomson for a discussion on loads of recent news updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including a chat around John’s latest episode of his excellent podcast, #JCsMusicology, “Michael Jackson (1983-1988)”. The guys also talk about a range of fan-led projects, including the upcoming Kingvention, developments on Jin Chohan’s documentary, “Trial By Media” as well as a new YouTube documentary by Hannah Savage, “The Dark Side of Michael Jackson’s This Is It”, and Paul Dwyer’s podcast based on his book, “Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson”. Plus, they talk about the confirmation of the #Thriller40 documentary, a statement from Katherine Jackson, and a major update in Wade Robson’s legal case against Michael Jackson.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• Kingvention have announced special guests for their 2023 convention. 
• Jin Chohan has offered an update on his upcoming documentary, “Trial By Media”.
• Hannah Savage has released a teaser for her upcoming YouTube documentary, “The Dark Side of Michael Jackson’s This Is It”.
• Paul Dwyer has launched his podcast “Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson”.
• John Branca has confirmed that the #Thriller40 documentary is still coming this year. So… #Thriller41?
• Katherine Jackson has responded to the Estate over the ’deal’ saga. 
• La Toya Jackson is to be called as a witness in the legal battle between the Estate and Jeffré Phillips.
• Wade Robson’s case will most likely proceed to trial.
• John Cameron has released his latest episode of podcast #JCsMusicology, “Michael Jackson (1983 – 1988)”.

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4 Replies to “158: Things Just Blow in Through the Window”

  1. Kris

    Just finished listening to John’s latest Musicology podcast and I must say, WOW!! Outstanding quality from the first minute to the last. I am amazed at the comprehensive, thorough research and how he seamlessly weaved in (demos or finished) songs in between his narration or interviews. I loved how he isolated Michael’s vocals or instruments on one end or how he strung a demo whilst explaining the process of a song to the finished product. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! Will recommend this to fellow MJ fans and will continue to listen to more episodes. Well done, John!

  2. Deep Sigh

    I don’t like how you said that John Barnes should have gotten co-writers credit for BAD just because he worked with Michael on the album. Should he have gotten a PRODUCERS credit, yes. But he did not write or compose those songs, nor did he claim to write them. You are basically putting words in his mouths. Barnes was upset because he didn’t get producers credit, not co-writing credit. You sound offended on his behalf that he didn’t get co-writing credit which is very strange. There is a difference between composing, producing and playing instruments on an album. Songs that Barnes and Bottrell actually did co-write with Michael they are properly credited for. Have you ever thought that maybe just maybe the reason he didn’t get a writers credit on the Bad songs, is because he really didn’t compose them. He may have played the instruments and played the notes Michael was hearing in his head, and sang and beat boxed for him, but that does not mean he wrote them.

    Michael is perfectly capable of composing his own music. And he did from the time he was a child. Please stop pushing this narrative that he needed to take other peoples work and not credit them just because a few people have suddenly made claims in the wake of Michael’s death.

    And before you bring up Buxer, I have done extensive research into his claims about SIM and there are holes in his story. But I know you all have made up your minds that Buxer is telling the truth and have no interest in hearing any contradicting evidence, but his story does not add up when you really scrutinize it. And his story about SIM contradicts many other people’s stories, including some of the people you all have interviewed here on the mjcast. Several people testimonies contradict what Brad claims about the Sonic project and by extension SIM. Brads own claims about SIM have evolved significantly over the years since he first started making these claims after Michael died and could not respond to him. You all never really cross examined Brad’s claim. Which is fine since he was on the show to tell his story. But since you didn’t cross examine his story, you shouldn’t be declaring his claim to be the truth. He made an accusation against Michael and I think we all know that allegations have to be properly investigated and cross examined. It’s not fair to Michael to just blindly believe Brad or whoever else, when he’s not here give his side of the story.

  3. alexinou

    Loved this episode for 2 major topics:
    – Charles’s summary of Wade Robson’s case so far was brilliant, if it was improvised to a degree then it was extraordinary, we got all the major points, it was easy to follow, great context, loved it, one to record for sharing
    – John’s episode, with interesting questions, analysis and references to earlier MJ Cast episodes.

    And a few good laughs too!

    Thank you, loved it!

    Alexandre (he/him)


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