158: Things Just Blow in Through the Window

John Cameron joins Jamon Bull and Charlie Thomson for a discussion on loads of recent news updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including a chat around John’s latest episode of his excellent podcast, #JCsMusicology, “Michael Jackson (1983-1988)”. The guys also talk about a range of fan-led projects, including the upcoming Kingvention, developments on Jin Chohan’s documentary, “Trial By Media” as well as a new YouTube documentary by Hannah Savage, “The Dark Side of Michael Jackson’s This Is It”, and Paul Dwyer’s podcast based on his book, “Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson”. Plus, they talk about the confirmation of the #Thriller40 documentary, a statement from Katherine Jackson, and a major update in Wade Robson’s legal case against Michael Jackson.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• Kingvention have announced special guests for their 2023 convention. 
• Jin Chohan has offered an update on his upcoming documentary, “Trial By Media”.
• Hannah Savage has released a teaser for her upcoming YouTube documentary, “The Dark Side of Michael Jackson’s This Is It”.
• Paul Dwyer has launched his podcast “Humanitarian: The Real Michael Jackson”.
• John Branca has confirmed that the #Thriller40 documentary is still coming this year. So… #Thriller41?
• Katherine Jackson has responded to the Estate over the ’deal’ saga. 
• La Toya Jackson is to be called as a witness in the legal battle between the Estate and Jeffré Phillips.
• Wade Robson’s case will most likely proceed to trial.
• John Cameron has released his latest episode of podcast #JCsMusicology, “Michael Jackson (1983 – 1988)”.

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