Episode 023 – Christmas Extravaganza!

Episode 023 - Christmas Extravaganza! YouTube Art

Merry Christmas, listeners. What a year it’s been for The MJCast! It astounds us to think how much success we’ve had over this past twelve months. We’d never have guessed our little Michael Jackson podcast would have been received so well. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. We recently put together this Christmas Extravaganza episode for everyone to enjoy over their holidays. With such a long running time (over five hours), we’d suggest you listen to it in portions rather than in one sitting. Though if you want to binge out on The MJCast, feel free to do that as well! In this episode, Jamon and Q kick things off with a brief discussion around the latest MJ news, including Thriller achieving 30x multi-platinum status, a possible new biopic on Michael Jackson (but this time from the point of view of Bubbles the chimp) and Spike Lee’s new artwork for his upcoming documentary, Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall. Following this, Jamon and Q reflect back on the year that’s been through taking the listener on a journey through some of their favourite clips from each of the previous twenty-two episodes. They follow this up with a chat around their favourite MJ and the Jacksons related products from the year before closing out the show with their hopes and wishes for 2016. Keep your ears open for the post show Season One gag reel after the outro music!

Honestly though…thank-you for making this show what it is. The MJCast wouldn’t have come as far as it has without the support of the listeners and guests. We are committed to honouring and furthering Michael Jackson and his family’s impact and legacy and look forward to an even more amazing second season in 2016 with extensive commentary on all things MJ and interviews with more special guests. Keep an eye on our social networks, as we will still be very active on them keeping our audience informed of any developments in the MJ world. From everyone here at The MJCast…best wishes for your holiday season. Stay safe, look out for each other and spread L.O.V.E. and happiness wherever you can.


  • According to the RIAA, Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become the first ever 30x multi-platinum selling album. See ‘announcement’ here.
  • Is there a new biopic on Michael Jackson coming…but narrated by Bubbles?
  • The artwork for Spike Lee’s new MJ documentary Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall is here!

Discussion Topic

  • Jamon and Q take a look back at the last twenty-two episodes of The MJCast…providing commentary on some of their favourite moments before reflecting on their favourite Michael Jackson and Jacksons related products of 2015. We also talk about our future hopes for our podcast.

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If you have any thoughts, opinions, or feedback on the show, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at themjcast@icloud.com or find the links to our many social networks on www.themjcast.comMichael on and merry Christmas!

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2 Replies to “Episode 023 – Christmas Extravaganza!”

  1. Dr. Hollywood

    I love listening to this Podcast. I definitely tilt my hat to not only you guys but the special guest you have to the show. It makes everything MJ refreshing no matter if it knew what the topic was or if it was new information. SUGGESTION: If possible could you guys please do a show or segment on Michaels Unreleased Music. What’s registered, rumored; leaked etc. I know as selfish as it sounds I’m always looking for and wanting new MJ music. Countless hours are spent trying to research the unreleased stuff.

    What I would do if I was the estate and with next year being the end of the 2010 contract. I would release a project either called Michael Jackson: The Underrated Collection. Same format as The Ultimate Collection but with songs like Darling Dear, Blues Away, I Can’t Help It, Baby Be Mine, Liberian Girl, Can’t Let Her Get Away, Smile, Morphine, and Whatever Happens. Also add a bunch of unreleased songs/demos, alternate takes and extended versions. That’s the kind of stuff I feel like the fans want and that way they can take a 5-10 year break from releasing things. Get Michaels vaults and materials in order and archived correctly. Really reach out to the people that worked with Michael and really get them on board. Get the most background knowledge possible on everything Michael created. We’re not dumb. We know there’s tons and tons of material out there. Think about the stuff we don’t even know exists. Stuff that isn’t in the estates hands. So often do I catch myself playing unreleased songs more then I do the released stuff. I sometimes question why certain songs were left off albums and why things just weren’t released but I also understand that it had to be MJ approved. It had to be ready. Hopefully this is something you guys can work on. I think it will be a fun topic. It may even top this 5 hour podcast!!!

  2. alexinou

    Be ready, listeners, it’s a FIVE HOUR episode.
    Nice recap episode for a tremendous first year.
    You’ve touched on a couple of points with a bit more depth as they were still news at the time, like Spike Lee’s documentary on Motown/Off the Wall, before its release. I’ll be curious to hear your reaction when you realise it covers a period like 5 times longer than Bad 25 and it’s like 1/3 shorter in duration.
    Ah, Spike Lee’s documentary at Sundance… when Sundance was still cool.
    You also mention the leaked extract of the Is it scary video and it has such a different tone from Ghosts:
    – in Ghosts, his Maestro character is insane but he’s having fun, he’s very confident, he’s in complete control of the situation and messing with his visitors for a laugh to teach them a lesson and to entertain the children with cool tricks;
    – in Is It Scary, his Maestro character seems highly unstable, he’s not laughing rather he’s defensive, he’s not confident rather he’s reacting to provocation and it seems he could lose control any moment which makes him way scarier than in Ghosts and the kids’ nehaviour seems a bit off. And its narrative is more that of a tale, like, where else would you have children re-fashioning his hands and stuffing the dust back in his head without that being a highly traumatic experience? Like they’re sad, but not that much because nothing is really real.
    It would have been SO interesting to have the two full different takes on that story.

    In this episode, we also learn Jamon has a 60” HD TV, nice! That’s a huge TV!! I’d love to know if you spot the wires during the lean on the Moonwalker bluray.

    We also learn that Q goes by “Q” in real life too 😁
    I’d often wondered if it was an online persona to keep private life private.

    And now we’ve learned that not only you might have given the estate the idea for the Scream compilation, but now also for the white panda remix with your megamix idea!

    Fantastic idea to compile all the quotes of how Michael should be remembered, it was a very nice moment.

    And I’ve laughed again so hard with the finishing note of “Michael was singing under my dinner table”, I must have listened to that like 5 times, I love Charles!

    Parts of the episode have felt redundant but it’s probably because I’ve just listened to all of them. It’s really exciting to think there is so much more coming!

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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