Episode 010 – Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special with Tom Mesereau

Episode 010 - Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special With Tom Mesereau YouTube ArtTo mark this important occasion, the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s acquittal from false child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005, we are releasing this special episode. The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson along with regular hosts Jamon Bull and Q interview Thomas Mesereau, one of the foremost criminal defence attorney’s in United States legal history. Mesereau served as Michael’s principal attorney during his mid 2000’s criminal trial around false child molestation allegations and continued representing Jackson and his affairs for a time afterwards. Ten years ago today Jackson was acquitted of all fourteen charges brought against him by the Arvizo family and their prosecuting lawyer, Santa Barbara Country District Attorney Tom Sneddon. In addition to Michael’s obvious innocence, his vindication and exoneration are also due to the professionalism and efforts of Tom Mesereau and his then legal partner Susan Yu. Topics of discussion include Mesereau’s childhood, his history as a lawyer, what it was like working with Michael Jackson and also the trial itself. We then delve into a dialogue around Jackson’s posthumous legacy, the legitimacy of his Estate executors, the events surrounding his death and what Michael Jackson’s victory in 2005 has meant for his legacy long term.

The MJCast would also like to thank friend of the show Dan Villalobos who has worked so hard on composing and producing our new intro music, which can be heard for the very first time on this episode! Dan is a phenomenal sound engineer, music producer and MJ fan from London, England who has worked with artists such as Maddison Wilson, Robyn Sherwell and has had his work featured on BBC Radio. Check him out at www.danvillalobos.com, and make sure to visit his SoundcloudTwitter and Instagram accounts. Thanks Dan and we can’t wait to have you on the show.

Triumph: Celebrating a Decade Since Michael Jackson’s Acquittal – An article by Syl Mortilla.
One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History – An article by Charles Thomson.
Michael Jackson: Innocent – Author D Francis’ book which covers the mid 2000’s Michael Jackson trial. Win a free copy!
Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson – A biography by Randall Sullivan.
The MJCast’s ‘Episode 005 – Kerry Anderson Special’. Listen to this special interview with Michael’s Director of Security during the time of his mid 2000’s trial.
Mesereau Law Group – Tom Mesereu’s official website.
Charles Thomson’s Twitter account and official website.

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17 Replies to “Episode 010 – Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special with Tom Mesereau”

  1. Eva Maria Uhl

    AS Michael Jackson knew this whole accusing was a perverty and conspiracy.Michael sang :They wanna my ass,dead or alive,and the beginning of his nightmare was the mad dog Sneddon,who was obsessed to catch Michael and bring him into prison for his own attention,he hated Michael Jackson and those people going over dead bodies,no matter what!
    The whole world knew,that Michael Jackson was innocent,but the media is brainwashing and manipulating everyone!
    Since today America never apologiced to Michael Jackso,either to his family,ubtil today racism and injustice is a big deal in America.Michael was a black man,became most famous,was couraged to spread the truth,named Motolla a racist and devil !!!!—— Too much he said!!!!!——
    They blackmailed MJ they killed MJ!—-
    Michael Jackson knew much more,and maybee he was ready to tell the world the whole truth in his last concert,….but than it was too late!
    Millions of his fans standing United for MJ and with every day the fans aregrowing.I,m Not a fan anymore,MJ is my family and as long I breath,I will stand up to defend his name and legacy!
    Michael Jackson Forever and Always—We LoveYou More!—-

  2. Denise Purcell

    I absolutely love TM and always enjoy listening to his interviews regarding Michael. That said, I disagreed with his answer regarding the estate. Maybe, he hasn’t researched as much as the fans, but he was correct in saying that Branca was one of the best in handling ‘big business’ affairs. It seemed he was not to anxious to discuss the Sony, AEG Live conspiracy to try to get Michael’s catalog.
    Michael said on many occasions that this was true and I believe that he was strategically brought down and killed for greed and power.

  3. LaKeeta

    What disgusting waste’s of life Tom Sneddon and the Arvizo’s were/are. They must have gone after every celebrity they came into contact with.
    Bless Thomas Mesereau for being such a great honest lawyer to MJ. Just a sad world when money hungry jerks, to say it nicely, go after innocently wealthy people like Michael Jackson.

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  5. 29mj

    Long Live Justice, Truth, LOVE – these to be winners forever! Wholehearted thank you Mr Tom M & Charles T! Come Down conspiracies! “Truth is everywhere, but it recognizes only one who is looking for.” Bless you all!
    It was expected to be so, we knew and felt MJ’s innocence in our hearts always. Evermore I knew and felt in my heart that MJ is pure.
    MJ would not ever have to get where they rougeos, bastards has pulled on him and destroyed his life and he prove what? (who brought false accusations, damagge irrecuperable to him were criminals, they should be prosecuted), that he was pure, modest, honest with a golden, lovely heart and strong man as evermore. Genius MJ forever!
    I’ll never let you part King of Music, musical genius ♥♥♥MICHAEL J for
    You’re Always in my Heart!!! I love, respect yours great web! Thank you again.

  6. Susan

    Thank you so much for airing this interview and many thanks to Tom Mesereau for taking the time to share so many details related to Michael’s trial. I am so grateful for his unrelenting support and defense of Michael in 2005 and for his continued advocacy in his memory. Hearing the trial details and the toll it took on Michael brings back sad memories of a horrific time in his life. My respect and admiration for Michael as a person is rock solid, as I recall how he endured that crushing experience with such dignity and strength. A question was asked of Mr. Mesereau as to what Michael Jackson fans can do for him now. I know that Michael once said that he just didn’t want people to ever think that he did anything wrong, and I feel that he died knowing that many were not convinced of his innocence, despite the trial’s outcome. I can only imagine the deep down hurt that he lived with. I think that Michael would want us to continue to stand up for the truth, in big or small ways, and however we can. Information such as in this interview is so important. It needs to be mainstream and repeated over and over again. Without question, Michael will be remembered for being one of, if not the greatest entertainer that ever lived, whose humanitarian impact was extraordinary. I pray for the day when his legacy is based solely on truth, when all doubt of his character is forever erased, and that he is ultimately elevated to the stature that he so rightfully deserves. Thanks again for this amazing program and podcast and for contributing to Michael’s legacy in the making.

  7. Scott Ross

    It amazes me every time I hear Tom speak. Having had a front row seat with Tom and Susan through the trial, having worked with him everyday in preparation for and including the trial as Tom and Susan’s lead investigator, he never stops impressing me. I’m only sorry for those who did not actually watch the trial and see Tom’s “destruction” and systematic dissection of the prosecution’s case. Tom grossly understated his prowess, but that’s Tom and I am proud to still be working with him and to be his friend.

    I also want to add that I have worked with Mark Geragos for over 25 years, in fact following the trial, I was hired in house by Geragos where I remained for the next 6 years. And with all do respect, I do not believe that Mark could have done the job that Tom did.

    I also can not believe it has been ten years. Wow.

  8. Sina

    Great job guys . Excellent interview by Charles Thomson and very fitting to have Tom Mesereau on Vindication Day. Or rather Reflection day as there is nothing really to celebrate. Michaels spirit was broken and he was chased into exile and a slow death. One of many reasons why Neverland to me is a symbol of vindication and should never ever be sold. It is an epic blunder to sell a property with such historical value and it is a shame that Michaels estate does not include his cultural heritage as it has no monetary value. This would never happen to Elvis property.

    I have heard and seen every single media interview of TM and I am still fascinated by his explanation of the Arvizo case and his defense strategy . I appreciate his kindness and loyalty to Michael and I admire his humanitarian/pro bono work . For those who do not know it I recommend the Frozen in Time seminar footage about the MJ trials with an excellent performance of TM against the likes of Zonen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZFKp_VgU30

    That said, I wish TM was as acurate or knowledgable about what is outside his scope re MJ as he is in his own field .
    That he thought Branca the best to serve Michaels business is not Michaels ,but his own opinion and going by his own words he knew nothing about Michaels businesses and- much to Michaels surprise- dit not want to know. As for what Michael really thougt about Branca his actions spoke louder than words , JB was fired less than a year after the trial.
    TM criticizes Weizmans involvement in the WR case because he settled with the Chandlers, but Weizman is actually Branca’s lawyer and both of them were major players in the Chandler case as well as in Michaels businesses .
    Saying that Michael was signing contracts at 5 years old, as compassionate and understanding as it sounds is still inaccurate. As is the meme that he was the breadwinner of his family. Which is the same as saying MickJagger is the breadwinner of the Rolling Stones , FM the breadwinner of Queen and PMcC and JL of the Beatles.
    Those of us who were there in the J5 days know that they started as a family, were called 5 for a reason and the brothers each had their own fanbase. On top of that they had a genius brother/frontman who had the talent, charisma and dedication to become the worlds greatest. Janets net worth is 170 mln and close to a billion if you include assets and even Latoya could aways take care of herself. And so what if he helped his family who his career started with. Why be concerned about that and not that he bought ET diamonds which she already had plenty of, or financed the Cascio’s restaurant or that he has been and still is the breadwinner for an army of lawyers .
    TM , due to the circumstances he was born in, was very privileged and predestined to succeed in life. As opposed to MJs own start in life with mostly options to fail. How much harder MJs father and sadly his children had to work to overcome not only racism but also a lack of eduation , money and the convenience of an old boys network. The challenges of being an outsider in every sense of the word to get where they arrived, only someone who walked in their shoes will know. Without ignoring Joe’s flaws and failures and the price all of them paid, the man did everything he could to create a better future for his children, with the tools he had , to the best of his knowledge and with good intentions. And Michael knew that,

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  15. alexinou

    Fantastic guests and episode!
    Being a public figure and an authority in legal matters, I understand that Tom Mesereau would base some of his answers on facts, for instance regarding the Estate of Michael Jackson and he’s right in that they are running a business and it is the only aspect he mentioned: running a business; we are free to interpret this as we wish.

    He mentioned and you have linked Randall Sullivan’s book, I’ve heard its coverage of the trial is accurate and factual, therefore excellent, but that the rest of the book is not.
    I’m curious to see if the book is addressed in a future episode – I can’t wait to get to Aphrodite Jones’s episode!

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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