081: Vindication Day Special with Aphrodite Jones

The MJCast present their fourth annual special episode recognising Michael Jackson’s acquittal from false child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005. On each of these annual episodes, The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson along with hosts Jamon Bull and Q, bring a very special guest onto the show to discuss their experience with the trial that so deeply affected Jackson’s life.

In this year’s show, the guys welcome author of the newly released special edition of Michael Jackson Conspiracy, Aphrodite Jones. Aphrodite is a journalist and the author of several bestselling true crime books, one of which was turned into the Oscar-winning movie, Boys Don’t Cry. During Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial, Aphrodite initially found herself on the side of the prosecution. However, after the trial was over, she reassessed her stance, and admitted that she got it wrong. She went on to write one of the most comprehensive books about the trial, Michael Jackson Conspiracy, which includes a Foreword by Tom Mesereau. Self-published in 2007, the book went on to become a cult hit, and is being re-released in a new edition this week. Michael Jackson Conspiracy is the last book Aphrodite published, though she has gone on to be a successful true crime documentary host as well as host of her own podcast, called Sex, Love & Murder.

The new edition of the book features colour photos, exclusive links to footage of accuser Gavin Arvizo being led in a police interview, Michael Jackson discussing a children’s holiday with Martin Bashir and Neverland Valley Ranch during the trial era.

Jamon, Q, and Charles talk with Aphrodite about her early life, her experience being one of the few reporters given permanent seats in the courtroom throughout Jackson’s trial, how she fell under the pro-persecution spell and how she changed her mind. Topics also discussed include her interpretation of how the media handled the trial and how it impacted Michael in his final years.

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17 Replies to “081: Vindication Day Special with Aphrodite Jones”


    Just wondering why that pic of MJ was used in the trail as evidence.

    And wondering why the date on it is Mar 16, 2006??? Was it a pic Aphrodite took of the photograph?


    I too was disappointed that Tom Mesereau took on the Cosby case… It sort-of tainted MJ’s innocence verdict a wee bit… (or, IDK, maybe it doesn’t… maybe it shows that the MJ trial outcome wasn’t just the doing of Tom but rather, it’s because Michael truly was innocent! Which is a GOOD thing)


    in response to Aphrodite’s claim that MJ’s son was named Prince because “he wanted to be royalty”… Umm, NO. His grandfather’s name was Prince. He was named after him. Duh

    1. sljivar

      Is calling himself the king of pop, wearing kingly military dress uniforms at practically every other public appearance, wearing “royalty inspired” accessories like those golden crown brooches, owning paintings that depict him being crowned not evidence enough that he liked to think of himself as royalty?
      I don’t know what this grandfather of his did that was so special for MJ to name *both* his sons after him but it couldn’t have been lost on MJ (unless he was severely deluded/intellectually lacking) that with him being the “king of pop” his sons’ names will have to have that ridiculous connotation of wannabe royalty.
      It should be obvious to everyone that this man had a desire to present himself as royalty, and used his sons’ names to further that agenda, if you can call it that.

      1. William King

        He didn’t call himself the king of pop. The term came from Elizabeth Taylor. You’ve never heard Michael refer to himself as such. As for how he dressed, he only dressed “like royalty” on the stage or during public outings. In his day the day life he literally wore the same clothes (red shirt and black pants) everyday. Fact is, his son, Blanket, was named after his grandfather, Prince. “Prince” the oldest is actually named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.


    Oh my GOD!!! It was BASHIR who suggested Gavin hold MJ’s hand in the documentary?!!!
    Wow. >:(


    I think the title of the book is meant to show the general public the truth about what really went on in court, in contrast with what the media was reporting/saying on a daily basis at that time.

    I have had this book for ages, and it is absolutely hands down, my favourite MJ book.

    I wish every single person had to read this book. It should be a mandatory read in high school… like To Kill a Mockingbird. An eyeopening lesson in media slant, greed, public perception tampering, and the reality of existence of the jaded minds of a public hungry to take down anyone who has reached a pinnacle of success in their field. So sad. Turning and twisting a magical and sweet and innocent reality into something so lewd and disgusting.

    SMH. It just breaks my heart. He deserved better. And this book helps to teach people the truth.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      We’re so glad that that this episode inspired all these thoughts from you! Thank you for listening to it and for sharing your comments. We fully agree that it is a great resource to understand the trial and its many complications.
      Stay BAD!

  6. brigha

    Very disappointed that you didn’t get to question Aphrodite about comments made in the King Jordan interview. Call me a cynic, but her attitude seems to fluctuate depending on whether she has a book to sell.
    On a separate note, Charlie made an excellent point re the lack of further accusations. With the doctrine of chances being how it is, it has to be significant that Finaldi’s trawl for further claimants proved fruitless, especially since the media are always telling us that the MJ estate is rolling in money. I admit I was fully expecting that Finaldi was trying to emulate a Savile-type money grab and I’m baffled as to why it didn’t work. Could it simply be that Americans are more honest than Brits? Maybe religious belief has something to do with it?

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thanks so much for listening, and for your comments. Hard to answer these questions exactly, they are complex issues. Regarding the King Jordan issue, the guys had hoped to discuss that, but Ms. Jones was, unfortunately, on a strict schedule. We hope that, at some point, we can follow up with her on this and other questions. -E

  7. Des

    Ones again excellent work,ones again I want to thank you for your hard work.You all have jobs commitments families,you have your own lifes to live but you still find the time to spread the truth about Michael by giving us facts.If people take a little time and search about Michael many of them will change their opinions like Aphrodite,because it just opinions that they have and sometimes only by reading the headlines from tabloids.For me when we lost Michael it was and still is(what a loss to our world)not that he died We all going to die but what we lost,the world needs more Michael Jackson.This man that he brought the world together that he sowed us how to love that he respected woman,children,the planet and every living thing,he was called weird,asexual,pedophile and more,but he stood tall and never gave up,my biggest inspiration .Thank you again all of you for all that you do.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      What a kind note, Des. Your comment made our day! Thank you so much for your appreciation of what we do. It’s all for love, and all in the spirit of celebrating and honoring Michael Jackson’s legacy! Fully agreed on many of your points. -E

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