082: June 25th Special with Damien Shields and TJ

June 25th, 2018 marks the ninth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s tragic passing. Jamon and Q are joined by their long-time MJ mates, Damien Shields and TJ, to celebrate and honour the King of Pop. This episode is one of inevitable sadness, but also a time to share good memories and even a laugh or two. Friends since they were teenagers, the ‘Awesome Foursome’ reflect on their childhood fandoms, the birth of their friendship, and how they came up with the original seed of an idea that would become The MJCast. As this is TJ’s first time on the show, he tells his fan story. This episode also features memories about Michael Jackson from previous guests and correspondents, along with tribute songs.

Damien Shields last appeared on The MJCast way back in Season Two, though, as regular listeners know, his work is referenced often on the show. Damien is the author of the book Xscape Origins, runs A Truth Untoldwhich investigates the truth around the posthumous Michael album, and has published a wide range of articles related to Michael Jackson. He plans to release an updated version of Xscape Origins this year, and has some new projects in the works, as well.

TJ is an Aussie MJ fan best known for his “Aussie English translation” videos on YouTube. His open letter, “To The Bullies”, was featured in the 2011 book, It Gets Better, alongside a myriad of inspirational contributors such as Chaz Bono, Darren Hayes, Ellen Degeneres, and President Barack Obama. His latest video is a half hour documentary, “The Michael Jackson Trial: One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History”, based on the incredible article by Charles Thomson.

Main Discussion Topics
Thoughts on The MJCast’s interview with Aphrodite Jones.
• Special memories of Michael Jackson.
• TJ’s fan story.
• The MJCast’s origin story!

Finds of the Week
Damien Shields – Trevor Nelson: Thriller (Michael Jackson’s Masterpiece)
TJ – Michael Trapson: Thriller Remake (The Grave)

Additional Links
Damien Shields‘ website & Twitter.
• A Truth Untold‘s Twitter.
• Xscape Origins‘ website.
• TJ’s TabloidJunk YouTube channel and Twitter.
The MJCast – Episode 027: Sony/ATV Purchase Roundtable (Damien’s last appearance on The MJCast)
The MJCast – Episode 008: Xscape Origins Special

Ad & Music Breaks
Akon – Cry Out of Joy
The Commodores – Nightshift 2010 (A Tribute to Michael Jackson)
• Judith Hill – I Will Always Be Missing You on YouTube and Apple Music
• Scott and Michelle Dalziel – Timeless on YouTube and Apple Music

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10 Replies to “082: June 25th Special with Damien Shields and TJ”

  1. Des

    Speechless,crying and laughing at the same time,while a candle with oil is burning in memory of Michael.Thank you again,people like you making the world a better place.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      We so appreciate your comment, Des! We send lots of love today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for your support! -E

  2. Chris B.

    Is there a video of that channel 9 interview Damion Shields did? Also, would like to hear Elise on the show again! Need that female perspective.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Chris! There is a video, though I’m not sure if it is available online. Damien has just posted some screenshots from that moment, on his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/damienshields/status/1011675186930700288. (Along with slightly snarky media comment!)
      I’ll be on the show again sometime soon-ish. I love chiming in for the ladies! Thanks for your support; it is greatly appreciated.

  3. Susan Nakhleh

    Hi guys! I have listened to every one of your episodes…. Episode #82 is by far my favourite. I was lucky enough to see the Jacksons 2 nights in a row in November 1984 in Vancouver (Victory Tour). I am so greatful for all that you do! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      WOW, Susan! That is SO cool that you saw the Jacksons for the Victory Tour! We are definitely jealous. Thank you so much for your kind note and for listening! -E

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