Episode 033 – Vindication Day Special with Scott Ross

Episode 033 - Vindication Day Special with Scott Ross Show Art

Eleven years ago today, on June 13th 2005, the King of Pop Michael Jackson was acquitted of molestation allegations in a trial that took an insurmountable toll on his life. Although this day is not one we celebrate, it is one we remember each year for the fact that Michael was finally vindicated for the heinous allegations brought against him. On this special episode, The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson along with regular hosts Jamon Bull and Q interview Scott Ross, a somewhat overlooked figure of the trial, but one whose work lead attorney Tom Mesereau says was crucial to the defence team’s success.

Scott+Ross+Michael+Jackson+Pre+trial+Hearing+HikD4nt5YlelScott Ross has been Tom Mesereau’s go-to private investigator ever since they met in 2002 on the Robert Blake murder case. Mesereau describes him as the best investigator he has ever worked with. Scott has worked on notorious cases including the McMarten Pre-school molestation trial and the Scott Peterson murder case, as well as collaborating with former Michael Jackson attorney Mark Geragos on cases such Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna and the Winona Ryder shoplifting trial. In 2011 he worked for the defence in Conrad Murray’s trial, where Murray was convicted of Michael Jackson’s homicide. Topics of discussion include Ross’s early career, the Michael Jackson trial itself and his contributions to the defence, his thoughts around the Conrad Murray trial and Scott’s valued reflections on Michael Jackson the man.

Note: The MJCast would like to apologise for the background noise in the first eight minutes of this episode.


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10 Replies to “Episode 033 – Vindication Day Special with Scott Ross”

  1. Judith Mason

    This was really a frank, informative and very (at times) funny interview. I’ve shared it with all my MJ friends. Learned a lot I didn’t know. Thanks so much. Great job.

  2. Des

    Thank you for the excellent job that you do.When I listen to all these detais it doesn’t matter that I know that he was always innocent thinking of him and what he had to go trough I get so said.We loved him but our love wasn’t enough to save him from the hungry leeches for money.But we did loved him and we still do and thanks to people like you and all that you do many people findinig out tha he was all about love peace and unity.Thank you again.

  3. Denise

    I consider this episode to be one of the best! Thank God for people like Scott that are willing to share such
    important information regarding the trial and how MJ was a target. Keep up the great work guys!
    I’ve shared this episode on my FB timeline.

  4. Carley

    Great Ep, Loved the Interview, it was funny at times also serious aswell. There was some great points aswell. Thank you for this Ep.

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  8. Nisha Singh

    This is amazing!!! Please put this up on youtube. With that stupid documentary airing soon we will need all these facts and details to back ourselves up. Michael is not here anymore and any statement the children or family or estate make will be blown up by the media. Its really down to us to fight this time, so we need all these facts.

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