Episode 005 – Kerry Anderson Special

Episode 005 - Kerry Anderson Special YouTube ArtAs a surprise for listeners of The MJCast, we are releasing this special episode in addition to our fortnightly release schedule! Recently, we were lucky enough to secure an interview with Kerry Anderson, Michael Jackson’s Director of Security during one of the most tumultuous times of his life. Topics of discussion include Kerry’s upcoming book, his experiences in originally coming to work for Michael, life as an Executive Protection Specialist, protecting Michael during his mid 2000’s trial against child molestation allegations and spending time with MJ and his family in the Middle East.

The MJCast would also like to apologise for the nature of the audio in this interview. There were some technical difficulties during the recording process and in post production which has resulted in excessive background noise and also an echo on the vocal. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy this fascinating interview with Kerry Anderson.

Agape Love, the Facebook page for Kerry Anderson’s upcoming book on Michael Jackson
Kerry Anderson’s personal Facebook profile page

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10 Replies to “Episode 005 – Kerry Anderson Special”

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  3. Steven

    I am 30 minutes into this one and it is so imformative already. Kerry sounds like such an awesome and respectful guy, I am so happy he was a part of Michael’s life and was there to help him, he really had his back! Great one guys.

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  6. alexinou

    Great interview and a very special guest only just at the 5th episode!
    Kerry’s insight and experience is fantastic and I love that he would take the time to share it. Listening to him you feel he cared for him.
    I like how, describing himself as a devote Christian, he sounded happy for any listeners to have any other belief system.
    Writing this in January 2020, I cannot find any news about his book. Has it come out like the Bad 25 Blu-ray where if you thought about it for too long it was gone, or is he still planning to publish it, do we know?
    He mentioned he was not doing it for the money, and he’s the 2nd guest to say that.
    I’ve only come to realise now that if you write anything that will be positive about Michael Jackson, we MUST support it because you can barely hope to recover your costs, let alone make benefits.

    These episodes are great and work out for everyone:
    – guests who were close to him are great for the podcast’s visibility
    – we get great content
    – the guests get the promotion they deserve for their work

    Kerry also mentioned the animals at Neverland and I never feel very comfortable with this. Does anyone know how much space these lions or elephants had?

    Great interview, Jamon, weird background noise (what was Kerry doing?!), but great content.
    I hope Q will be in the next one!

    Alexandre (he/him/his)

    1. Elise Capron

      Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Kerry ever published his book. But Bill Whitfield (whom we have also had on the show) did publish his, and it’s terrific! Jamon often cites it as one of his favorite MJ books of all time.
      Regarding the animals: It seems the the big animals, such as the elephants, had plenty of space. The large cats probably could have used more room–but it was a different time then. Even acclaimed zoos did not have the kind of resources they do know to give wild animals the enclosures they need and deserve. I’m sure that if MJ were still around and still had Neverland, things would be adjusted for the animals. Rest assured that they all had very good, professional care, and clean enclosures!
      Thanks for listening,


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