Episode 002 – They Turned it Into a Glee Episode

Episode 002 - They Turned it Into a Glee Episode YouTube ArtMusic Journalist Charles Thomson joins us to discuss Detroit paying homage to the King of Pop, Thriller Live extending its booking period into 2016, Michael’s wrongful death lawsuit and its journey to the California Supreme Court, a new MJ music video leaking online and PBS re-airing Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever.

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Michael Jackson’s Music to be Celebrated at Detroit Mosaic Youth Theatre Concerts
Thriller Live extends its booking period into April 2016
Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson is taking her wrongful death suit to the California Supreme Court
New music video for Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury‘s duet ‘There Must be More to Life Than This’ directed by Dave LaChapelle leaks online. Check out Damien Shields’ story on the topic here.

PBS has re-aired Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever. Check out the DVD set here!

Finds of the Week
Jamon – Moonwalk Talks (Another great Michael Jackson podcast)
Q – Uptown Jam (A must listen mash-up of Bruno MarsUptown Funk and Michael Jackson’s Jam)

Additional Links
Charles Thomson’s ‘One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History
The Making of the Michael album video by Sony Music
Damien Shields’ article on The MJCast
Janet Jackson’s ‘True You‘ book
Jermaine Jackson’s ‘You Are Not Alone: Michael – Through a Brother’s Eyes‘ book
An interview by Charles Thomson with Jermaine Jackson

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8 Replies to “Episode 002 – They Turned it Into a Glee Episode”

  1. Ms. Morganna Bramah

    ‘Thriller Live’ is still Planets better than anything Cirque du Soleil and the
    £$tate have put out post-2009. Granted, while not perfect, it actually does it with genuine heart (and a little flare). ❤MJ∞

  2. Pingback: Episode 062 – They Didn’t Need an Expert to Say That – The MJCast

  3. alexinou

    Second episode, first guest and a great episode, thank you! I like how you celebrate that Thriller Live! has been renewed when, writing this in 2020, even through the 2019 debacle, it is still running and even touring the UK!
    Thank you for sharing the article by Charles Thomson, a rewarded journalist, on the media’s mad handling of the 2005 trial amd his interview of Jermaine.
    Alexandre (he/him/his)

    1. Elise Capron

      You’ll be hearing lots and lots more from Charles Thomson as you get further into our episodes. He’s an amazing journalist and expert on all things related to the MJ trials. -E

  4. Migi

    Oh no…I love Hollywood Tonight music video :(. I didnt get from the lyrics that she ended up as a prostitute :/
    Ive just discovered the podcast btw. Hello from Poland 🙂


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