Episode 018 – Can You Hear My Footprints?

Episode 018 - Can You Hear My Footprints? YouTube ArtJamon is back from his international trip to discuss all things Michael Jackson with Q! On Episode 018 of The MJCast, the boys celebrate Q’s birthday before talking about the possibility of Sony and The Estate parting ways over the Sony/ATV music publishing catalogue, two new Michael Jackson books including  MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson by Steve Knopper and Making Michael by Mike Smallcombe and Tavis Smiley’s 2016 book on Michael Jackson’s death being adapted into a screenplay for television. They then discuss the televised concert of Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson Estate’s announcement around the official 2016 MJ calendar, more MJ and Freddie Mercury duets coming in the Fall of 2015 and the song Bad being featured in the trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds movie. Following this, Q and Jamon delve into the topics of the 2015 remix of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s Say Say Say and its accompanying video, their thoughts on the new Janet Jackson album Unbreakable and IPSO’s recent rejection of Taj Jackson’s complaint against the Daily Mirror (with a little help from UK journalist Charles Thomson). Lastly, a detailed discussion around the brilliant new TV show The Jacksons: Next Generation.

Sony Music are investigating the sale of their share of the Sony/ATV music publishing catalogue.
MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson, a book by Steve Knopper is out!
Making Michaela book by Mike Smallcombe is also out.
The events of Michael Jackson’s last days are set to be turned into a TV show…as well as a book thanks to Tavis Smiley.
Tony Succar’s Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson TV concert has aired. Purchase it on DVD here.
The Michael Jackson Estate has issued  an announcement for the official 2016 MJ calendar.
More Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury duets are set to be released this Fall.
The song Bad is featured in the trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds movie.
Paul McCartney has released a music video for the 2015 remix of the song Say Say Say.
The new Janet Jackson album Unbreakable has become her 7th #1 album on the Billboard charts!
IPSO have rejected Taj Jackson’s complaint against the Daily Mirror.

Discussion Topic
Jamon and Q’s thoughts on Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson’s new show The Jackson’s: Next Generation.

Finds of the Week
Jamon and Q – 3T’s new EP The Story of Love

Additional Links
Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean Pepsi ad
Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust live in Montreal in 1981

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One Reply to “Episode 018 – Can You Hear My Footprints?”

  1. alexinou

    Thank you for recommending Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable album, I had never listened to it and it is FANTASTIC!
    I have never heard any of it on the radio in the UK.
    So this episode discusses a couple of news items, announcung events that turned out a bit… different from what we were expecting, I’m curious to hear Jamon’s and Q’s reactions when they actually came out:
    – what would happen with the Sony/ATV catalogue
    – the three collaborations between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson
    We know how that turned out in the end.

    Thank you Charles Thomson for breaking down Taj’s complaint against the Daily Mirror and its outcome, very disheartening but a great example of how things unfortunately work.

    Oh, also we learn that Q’s birthday is in October and… this year, writing this in 2020, is going to be a BIG birthday for Q!

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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