Episode 016 – Jermaine Jackson is the Lord of the Rings

Episode 016 - Jermaine Jackson is the Lord of the Rings YouTube ArtJamon and Q discuss Michael Jackson’s The Way You May Me Feel being covered in an ancient Incan language, the new Off The Wall trailer/s, The Jackson’s latest tour dates and Jermaine Jackson’s incredible gift for his brothers. We also talk about Janet Jackson expanding her tour to cover Japan, her new song Unbreakable, the leaked and alternate Dirty Diana short film, and Katherine Jackson’s I Just Can’t Stop Loving You charity event (with a little help from friend of the show, Jerome Horne). Finally, we discuss a new remix album coming from La Toya Jackson, the latest news on Tony Succar’s Unity – A Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson and the new reality TV show all about 3T called The Jacksons: Next Generation.

MJ’s The Way You Make Me Feel covered by a 14-year-old Peruvian girl named Renata Flores in the ancient Incan language of Quecha.
The Off The Wall 35 spoof trailer
Tito Jackson goes on tour with his brothers and they perform at the NY State Fair.
The Jacksons appear on a morning show in Britain and Jermaine gifts his brothers custom J5 diamond rings.
Janet Jackson expands her tour to include Japan, announces a third US leg and releases her new song Unbreakable.
An alternate Larry Bridges version of the Dirty Diana short film has leaked.
A wrap up of day one and day two of Katherine Jackson’s I Just Can’t Stop Loving You charity event for Michael’s birthday courtesy of Sandra O’Brien and LMJ Magazine.
La Toya Jackson is set to release a remix package for her track Trouble.
The 2015 PBS Arts Fall Festival kicks off its second season with Tony Succar and his Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson televised concert on Friday the 9th of October at 9-10 ET.

Discussion Topic
Jamon and Q catch up about what they did on Michael’s birthday.

Finds of the Week
Jamon – The HIStatue t-shirt by Diana Walczak.
Q – The Jackson’s Original Album Classics boxed set and The Jackson’s Variety Show.

Additional Links
Best of Joy remixed by Nick*
Janet Jackson’s All For You Tour Live in Hawaii DVD
Blood on the Dancefloor alternate 8mm video
La Toya Jackson’s Such a Wicked Love and Home
Sigal’s Easy Love featuring a sample of The Jackson 5’s hit song ABC
The Michael Jackson Story Quilt Project website and Facebook page
Jerome Horne’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts

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3 Replies to “Episode 016 – Jermaine Jackson is the Lord of the Rings”

  1. Deb

    The Estate/Sony should release products that #1 fans want/request, #2 that have the quality that is respectful and worthy of Michael…they know that Michael was larger than life and did the BEST at whatever he was doing…groundbreaking, forward thinking projects. I hope they aren’t being cheap, half-assing and disrespectful purposely. It seems like the fans are doing more than the Estate in regards to keeping Michael’s memory and art alive.

  2. alexinou

    Wow, girls love the gold leothong?! But like, women, or specifically FANS of MJ 😂
    So far, it’s the episode where I’ve laughed the hardest, I still chuckle throughout the day just thinking about it: the toilet seat, Janet’s grocery list, the Milo recipe, I’ve loved this episode!
    I had never heard the Off the Wall 35 parody add, it was hilarious! The link doesn’t work anymore and I couldn’t find the video.
    So this was about speculating on what the new Off The Wall release would be like.
    Now I’m looking forward to the episode where the MJ Cast will react to the piece of chalk edition!
    I remember the Mystery drink, didn’t it taste a bit like Dr Pepper?
    By the way, “lol” at “Quecha” 😂

    It was great to hear Jerome’s account of his first-hand experience of the event in Gary for Michael’s birthday, thank you for sharing, Jerome! Listening to your experience, I think I would have done the same and left too after a while.

    Great episode, thanks for the laughs, guys!
    Now, on to Moonwalk talk’s episodes nº9 to follow the chronology that leads up to the crossover between the two podcasts!
    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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