052: Michael Prince Special

Michael Prince worked with Michael Jackson from the mid 90’s onwards, eventually becoming Jackson’s closest studio engineer, a man whom was trusted to capture the King of Pop’s most personal creative visions. From the HIStory World Tour, to the Invincible album, to the beautiful charity single What More Can I Give and right up until This Is It and the final studio songs Michael Jackson was working on, Michael Prince was involved.

Michael Prince’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
• Legs Diamond’s Facebook and iTunes
• Charles Thomson’s Facebook, Twitter and website
• James Alay’s Facebook and Instagram
• Los Lobos – La Bamba
• Damien Shields’ One Night Only article
• Michael Jackson’s HIStory World Tour live in Munich, Germany
• Michael Jackson’s Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix album
• Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concert
• Michael Jackson’s I Am A Loser (Demo) and Damien Shields’ article
• Michael Jackson’s A Place With No Name and Damien Shields’ article
• Michael Jackson – What More Can I Give
• Michael Jackson – One More Chance
• Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight
• Michael Jackson – Best of Joy (Acapella)
• Michael Jackson’s Hold My Hand (feat. Akon) and Damien Shields’s article
• Michael Jackson – Xscape
• Can’t Get Your Weight Off Of Me leaked snippet
• Michael Prince and LaVelle Smith Jr. on Piers Morgan Tonight

Music Breaks & Ads
Michael Jackson – Blue Gangsta (Demo)
• Michael Jackson – One More Chance (Night & Day Uptempo R&B Remix)
• Michael Jackson – I Am A Loser (Demo)
• Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight (Demo)
• Michael Jackson – Best Of Joy (Acoustic) by Nick* and CMCC

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Thanks to listener Cody Covington, we now have a full transcript available for this episode. Our deepest thanks and gratitude, Cody.

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12 Replies to “052: Michael Prince Special”

  1. eVa

    Such a great interview guys! It was so amazing hearing Michael Prince’s experience with MJ. So open and insightful!
    Why oh why doesn’t the estate have his number on speed dial?? **sigh**

  2. Steven Hodges

    Michael Prince sounds like such a nice guy and the fascinating insight into the complexities of a tour, just makes it even more amazing. We’ve Had Enough is so intensely amazing that I need to sit down after each listen! So in 1996 with Brad Buxer in the hotel room, Michael Prince heard a song called Heal LA that MJ was working on then it came out as What More Can I Give? Imagine if there WERE lyrics for “Heal LA”?! I am sure Prince Michael Jackson would love to know more about that for his current Heal LA charity projects. Not having Bruce mix the unreleased tracks is a greatly missed opportunity. Knowing there are more MJ re-vocals from 2009 out there, even in they are stuck in the vault, it is great to hear that loads still exist. You guys teased us with “Can’t Get Your Weight off of me”, at least we know that one is there in its entirety, I think you were all in shock for a bit! We should treasure Michael Prince and his honesty with the MJ tracks and I can’t wait for you guys to convince him to do a listening seminar! He could team up with Brad Sundberg and run a session where we use multiple Bluetooth or wired personal headphones (so that there is no risk of leaks on the web), listen to the same track at the same time and then talk about them, breaking them down. That would be amazing. The doctor comments are interesting, it still feels we have not hit the tip of the iceberg with all of it. I just cannot imagine how that would have been in the Staples Centre when they were all told of Michael’s passing. Gosh. That’s so real and so sad. Thank you for such another great podcast guys, keep it up! Love the bonuses at the end 😉 (FYI the links in the show notes: I think “Michael Jackson – One More Chance (Night & Day Uptempo R&B Remix)” is linking to the previous Blue G video.)

  3. DAT_collector

    @Steven Hodges: Michael Prince does not have any sessions from Rodney Jerkins on his drives and he has never heard that particular song. 😉

  4. DAT_collector

    I stand corrected, he plays them a bit. When I wrote this, I haven’t listened to the entire podcast yet. Strange though he would have a Jerkins track since he wasn’t a part of those sessions.

    He provides the correct playtime and bpm, too.

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  8. Ivdity

    Wonderful interview, can not understand how I missed it till now. Michael Prince is so sweet and what a treasure he has!!!! One more proof how inappropriately the Estate people treat MJ.
    Thank you guys for everything you are doing!!!

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