Episode 027 – Sony/ATV Purchase Roundtable

Episode 027 - Sony:ATV Purchase Roundtable Show Art

On this episode of The MJCast, Q and Jamon are joined by friend of the show Damien Shields (author of Xscape Origins) for a roundtable discussion on Sony Music’s seven hundred and fifty million dollar acquisition of the Michael Jackson Estate’s 50% share in the Sony/ATV catalogue. The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent Charles Thomson and Web Assistant Jacob Rathjen also phone in to discuss their thoughts around the situation. Included in this segment is a special appearance by none other than Lynton Guest (author of The Trials of Michael Jackson) in which he offers an expert and educational analysis around the catalogue’s significance, Sony’s continual efforts to acquire it and their recent success in doing so.

In addition to this shocking news, the guys talk about the upcoming 2016 Thriller Studio Tour, Brad Sundberg’s MJU multi-day seminar, Janet Jackson‘s cancellation of more Unbreakable World Tour shows and even more MJ leaks! Lastly, Jermaine Jackson‘s record breaking bejewelled bass guitar and La Toya Jackson‘s new duet, Tehran, are also discussed. Thank-you for listening to another episode of the internets premier podcast on all things Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. We hope you enjoy this episode of The MJCast.

Discussion Topic

  • Bloomberg – Sony Music Acquires the Michael Jackson Estate’s Share of the Sony/ATV Music Publishing Catalogue for $750 000 000
  • Music Business Worldwide – Sony’s Historic Buyout of Sony/ATV: 5 Things You Need to Know
  • Forbes – Sony to Buy Michael Jackson’s Half of Sony/ATV For $750 Million
  • Wall Street Journal – Sony to Buy Out Michael Jackson Estate for Music Publishing Unit


  • The 2016 Thriller Studio Tour has been announced.
  • More details around Brad Sundberg’s MJU multi-day seminar have emerged. Watch a promotional YouTube video for the event here.
  • Janet Jackson cancels more Unbreakable World Tour shows and a new video for the song Dammn Baby has possibly been shot.
  • New Michael Jackson footage leaks! A rough cut of the 2 Bad sequence in Ghosts!
  • Filmmaker Dan Harmon is set to produce a surreal stop-motion movie around Michael Jackson’s pet chimp, Bubbles.
  • Jermaine Jackson sets a new world record for the most jewels on a functioning guitar by playing Let’s Get Serious for three minutes.
  • La Toya Jackson features in a new duet, Tehran, with Iranian singer Andy Madadian.

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7 Replies to “Episode 027 – Sony/ATV Purchase Roundtable”

  1. Carley

    Thanks for the shout out, Another great Ep as always, Loved the Q Rant.

    Could say more but really the Feed back is through my Live Tweets. 🙂

    Keep On Michaeling and MAJOR MJ LOVE

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  3. marsha

    I wish that the point that Michael owned all of the catalog had came out in your talks. It was only when Sony promised him that they would help him make movies that Michael gave Sony 50 percent. And also, why could he not keep it. Why did other people have to want it or get it. Considering they did not keep their part of the deal, If they had activated the clause while Michael was alive he probably would have sued them. And the fact that they want to sell Neverland also It seems like they are saying a black man can not have such power. especially not have such power and live. Oh and as to the valuation of the catalog as nothing, the causing of a tax debt of 750mill. and then selling the catalog for the same the same amount/ seems fishy to me.

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  5. alexinou

    So, now, the sale of the catalogue has happened. I was also furious and disappointed but not too surprised when I heard.
    I remember when the news broke in the mid-90s that the ATV and the Sony catalogues were merging, the hook on MTV News was “Michael Jackson has found a way to make even more money” 😁
    Going back to Tom Mesereau’s view on the estate: the estate’s business is to run a business and generate profits. Joe Jackson praised the transaction, maybe because he’d had health problems and was concerned about his family’s financial security (mire than selling blurays).
    As I started listening, I shared Q’s point of view 100% on the sale. But what made this episode fantastic was the contrast of different perspectives, and just like Damien’s point of view and Darren Hayes’s point of view on unreleased tracks have made me re-think how I feel about those songs, it was fantastic to hear Lynton Guest on the circumstances of the transaction. It does sound like there was no other possible outcome.
    What led to this outcome is a different matter, though, one that we should not forget.
    Great discussions, great episode.

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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