Episode 020 – Taj Jackson Special

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Welcome to another special episode of the internet’s premiere Michael Jackson podcast, The MJCast. On this milestone 20th episode, Jamon and Q have the absolute honour of speaking with a Jackson family member for the very first time, singer of the hit pop group 3T and star of the new reality show The Jacksons: Next Generation, Taj Jackson.

Tariano Adaryll Jackson II, better known as Taj Jackson, is the eldest son of legendary guitarist of The Jacksons, Tito Jackson and his wife Delores ‘Dee Dee’ Martes. Being born into a musical family of stratospheric fame, Taj along with his brothers Taryll and TJ, began playing instruments from a very young age and showed strong promise as musicians in their own right.

It wasn’t long before the entertainment industry noticed 3T. A record deal was signed and in 1995 their debut album Brotherhood was released…and it took the world by storm. Reaching heights not unlike what their uncle Michael and auntie Janet were accustomed to, Brotherhood sold three million copies worldwide, spawning the hit singles Anything, 24/7, Why?, Tease Me, I Need You and Gotta Be You. It wasn’t long before Taj, Taryll and TJ were household names, with new music by the boys being included on the soundtracks of feature films such as Free Willy and Men in Black.

Roughly ten years after Brotherhood, the world saw the release of 3T’s brilliant sophomore album Identity which features the two singles Sex Appeal and Stuck On You. Following this era, Taj and his brothers continued working on 3T but also engaged in other avenues, with TJ taking on guardianship of his uncle Michael’s three children, Taryll continuing to work with his gift of music production and Taj fighting tirelessly for his family name.

Now, in 2015, after the final episode of 3T’s fantastic new television show The Jacksons: Next Generation, 3T have finally dropped their long awaited third album, Chapter III. Taj has joined us today to speak all about the origins of 3T, their new album Chapter III, their new TV show and of course…thoughts and memories around his uncle, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. We hope you enjoy this special episode of The MJCast!


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19 Replies to “Episode 020 – Taj Jackson Special”

  1. Shamika Eason

    I can’t wait till 3T can come out with another album. It’s been too long and im a big fan of all the Jacksons from Michael, Janet, Tito and so fourth… Im from Hartford,CT so when ever 3T do decide to make another great album i hope they will tour in Hartford,CT??????

  2. Lisadawn Marble

    Taj Jackson , in your interview , is CONSCIENTIOUS ABOUT BEING INCLUSIVE OF EVERYONE’S FEELINGS, HE IS CONSIDERATE, intelligent, and he cares about doing all he can to improve humanity. I really APPRECIATE TAJ JACKSON’S DOING THIS INTERVIEW and all of his details he was willing to share. I met Taj in June 2013, and he is a very rare ENGAGING, truely considerate of others SOUL. His soul merges with the soul of who is talking to him. You can feel his caring about your feelings. He is so present, alert, polite, and conforting, and Considerate of the feelings of others.

  3. Katie Goodspeed

    This is a really great interview. Awesome job Taj. I think fans are ready to hear some of those little known true stories you have. It would be great to see your concerts on DVDs because I’ve never seen one. And a secret album?….what! Release that dang thang??

  4. Eva Maria Uhl

    To notice how TJ and all three of them are guiding Paris,Prince and Blanket makes my heart sing,as well I listenen to their songs that I really appreciate and like.
    The music -gente is for sure in all of the Jacksons,who ever would doupt that?
    To me its a great relieve,that Michael Jacksons children are doing so very well,and that Paris is so much in love.
    The three deserves all happyness and support and love and I always will sent them my dearest sincearest wishes I feel for them.
    Congratulations to Taj Jackson and his brothers,I know you will go your way Blessings from Germany:))

  5. Denise Purcell

    Episode 20 was outstanding and I absolutely love Taj Jackson! Well done guys! I don’t know what I would do without the MJCast.
    It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from the Jacksons in the near future 🙂

  6. Terrie Brim Leslie

    Thx for allowing us to know all of you better. I have looked at The Jacksons: Next Generation many times. Great!!! I thought this interview was fabulous as well. You helped us to know family, unconditional, love. I too am from Gray, IN and my Dad, John Brim, played Blues. I send much love to you , your Brothers, your Dad, your Grandmother and all the rest of the Jackson’s family. Keep moving forward!!!
    Terrie Brim Leslie
    San Antonio, TX

  7. Dianna J.

    Good interview! Taj really did a great job. I love the humble spirit…and just an awesome representation of the fam!

  8. Tina Rae J.

    Taj, I appreciate everything that you do. You have always been strong, even before you knew you were.

    With you making sure to show up at every parole hearing to keep the person who took the beautiful life of your mom is unbelievably brave and awesome.

    Now, being sure the history of the “Jackson” family is being told correct is perfection. Do not allow the media to continue to tell your family’s life story and facts.

    I just want to thank you for all that you do. And, I pray that you and your beautiful wife have a long, love filled marriage.

    Blessings to you, Fam

  9. Sky lady

    One of the best pod casts that I have heard in a while. There new album is so uplifting some of there songs brought tears to my eyes. Love the way the Jackson’s always put out loving , positive and uplifting stuff. Sarah 🙂

  10. Sky lady

    Keep up the great work MJ cast your interviews and all the new information that you keep us updated with is greatly appreciated. We would not be getting this stuff if it wasn’t for you guys. Sarah 🙂

  11. Danielle

    Thank you Taj for telling us about you, your family and the great story of your relationship with your uncle. I have been a fan of your uncle forever and I just became a fan of 3T and specially you through JacksonNextGen. I love the family dynamic of the show. I find your personality similar to mine.
    Thank goodness not all of us listened to the media.
    Taj, you are doing a great Job!. keep it up. Your uncle’s legacy will live forever. . He made the whole world smile .
    Chapter3, I just love all of it! I listened to it continuously
    Thank you MJCast for making this available to us.

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  16. alexinou

    Amazing episode and amazing guest.
    It would be very interesting to know how you manage to approach them to invite them; no need for names and details but to understand what you do.
    Taj is fantastic to interview, he puts everyone at ease, he appears approachable, sincere, it sounds like you’re listening to friends having a chat.
    Fantastic job, guys!

    If I had to keep only one takeaway, although it’s not a direct quote, who knows, it might have been his exact words:
    “The biggest charity you can give is when people don’t even know it’s coming from you.“
    Michael Jackson


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