Episode 001 – I Love to Tour!

Episode 001 - I Love to Tour! YouTube ArtNew Michael Jackson books, a new Spike Lee MJ documentary, Prince Jackson’s 18th birthday and what 2015 may hold for Michael Jackson fans!

New book coming out from Frank Dileo?
Kerry Anderson to release new Michael Jackson book.
Prince Jackson turns 18 and posts a heartfelt letter about his father on Twitter.
Dieter Weisner’s marketing campaign. A new book coming?
New footage released of Michael Jackson reading to Prince and Paris.
Chris Cadman releases a new Michael Jackson book.
Spike Lee is doing another documentary on Michael Jackson.

2015….the year of HIStory or Off the Wall? It’s certainly looking like Off the Wall. Is Spike Lee a good choice for the documentary after Bad 25?

Finds of the Week
Jamon – Syl Mortilla’s ‘Certain Powers’ article.
Q – Fadly Jackson’s HIStory Statue and the Michael Jackson Memorial Place in Best, The Netherlands.

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3 Replies to “Episode 001 – I Love to Tour!”

  1. alexinou

    Great first episode! I’ve only just found out about your podcast (December 2019) and coincidentally, now 4 years later, Hector Barjot’s latest video shows the HIStory statue you’ve mentioned in this very episode!
    Fantastic start, I’m really glad you went for it!
    Alexandre (he/him/his)

    1. Elise Capron

      Welcome to our MJ family, Alexandre! It’s so awesome that you are starting at EP #1! You’ve got lots of great episodes to explore. Enjoy!!! -Elise


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