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Here at The MJCast we love supporting quality books on Michael Jackson, whether they’re texts that explore and analyse his genius, or even ones that delve into the complexities of his life such as his tumultuous legal battles. Michael Jackson: Innocent – 28 February 2005 Book 1 by author and legal expert D Francis is one such book, and since its release on May 5th, 2013 it has gone on to garner critical acclaim from other authors who have written on Michael Jackson such as Lynton Guest. Francis’ book offers a rich, detailed and complex discussion around the ‘trial of the century’, Michael Jackson’s penultimate court battle against child molestation allegations in the mid 2000’s.

As part of our recognition of the 10th Anniversary of Michael’s acquittal against these heinous child molestation allegations on June 13th, 2005,  The MJCast is proud to announce a special competition in partnership with D Francis in which we will give away three physical copies of Francis’ fantastic book.

To enter, all you need to do is like, retweet or reblog our original post about this competition from our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram accounts respectively. Doing this on any of our social networks will gain you one entry. If you would like an additional two entries for an even greater chance of winning, you can comment on this blog post on with your thoughts around what Michael’s vindication has meant for his legacy. On the very next regular podcast episode of The MJCast, we will randomly draw the three winning names and will contact the winners to find out a suitable address the books can be mailed to. We are truly honoured to do our part in spreading the truth around what happened in Michael’s mid 2000’s trial in the form of this great book.


D Francis’ book ‘Michael Jackson: Innocent’

Lynton Guest, author of The Trials of Michael Jackson states that “D Francis has produced a book about Michael Jackson like no other. It is based on the premise that because the trial of the artist on numerous child abuse charges in 2005 was not televised, the only facts in the public domain have been filtered through the sieve of incomplete and prejudiced reporting in the media.

D Francis has gone to great lengths to acquire the actual trial transcripts, a volume running to over 14,000 pages to write a series of books straight from source.

In Michael Jackson: Innocent she concentrates on the trial testimony and adds her commentary; in the process revealing exactly why Michael Jackson was acquitted on all charges.

The Author believes that international media coverage at the time focused far too heavily and uncritically on the prosecution case, which is why so many believed the Michael Jackson was guilty, despite the verdict. So, centring mainly on the defence case and the various legal arguments, she shows precisely how we were all misinformed by a media whose main interest was always in boosting the titillation count rather than giving us a true picture of events.

Michael Jackson: Innocent 28 February 2005 is in fact the first in a series of mini-books, each of which narrates a day in the trial. It is a mammoth project. When it is complete, it will comprise a must-have archive both for the general interest reader, students of journalism and the US criminal justice system.

Michael Jackson: Innocent will thus be a unique series of books, which will stand as a legitimate and factual account of Michael Jackson’s vindication.

This book highlights the cracks in the prosecution case, the shifting timeline of allegations, and inconsistencies in the prosecution Opening Statement. You will be left wondering how this case ever made it to trial.

The first book in the series, Michael Jackson: Innocent 28 February 2005, has been on the Amazon Best Seller’s Kindle list, frequently reaching #1 or within the top #100 in the book category of Biographies & Memoirs for Michael Jackson.

Between 2003 to 2005 the media misrepresented what actually happened at court. It is time that those myths, and mistruths are addressed and the truth is made visible and available. By purchasing a new book you support this project.

Ultimately, this project seeks to look behind the media misrepresentations that has cast doubt on Michael Jackson’s reputation for over 20 years”.

Along with releasing this series of books on Michael’s innocence, D Francis is also releasing a series of podcast like audio snippets on her YouTube channel which serve to introduce Michael’s fan community to her work. Below you will find the first episode, which features Francis herself reading an excerpt from the book.

Francis has also explored other avenues in promoting Michael’s innocence and the truth behind the trial, going as far as commissioning an artist to create a line of hand painted t-shirts that can be bought through her website,  If you’d like to support D Francis in her work, then make sure to take a look at these great shirts. From all accounts, they also serve as a fantastic conversation starter around Michael, his trial and what his acquittal has meant for his legacy. D Francis does not receive any money from the sale of the hand painted t-shirts, this is purely fashion to inspire discussion.

We hope you participate in this great competition. It’s a wonderful chance to win a free copy of ‘Michael Jackson: Innocent’ and to also assist D Francis in her quest to promote the truth around Michael’s trials and tribulations. Francis is currently researching her second book which is to focus on Martin Bashir and the media’s impact on the trial. She is aiming to release the book late in 2015 or 2016.

Update: The competition is now closed. Thank-you for your participation. Winners will be announced on Episode 12 of The MJCast.

D Francis’ official website for the book series ‘Michael Jackson: Innocent’
Michael Jackson: Innocent – 28 February 2005 Book 1 on Amazon
An excerpt of ‘Michael Jackson: Innocent’ as read by Lynton Guest
D Francis’ Facebook and Twitter pages

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27 Replies to “Competition – Win a Free Copy of Michael Jackson: Innocent!”

  1. Samantha

    This seems like it will be a great book. I remember that day vividly, when MJ was vindicated. Sadly, I know people who still believe he was guilty even though proven innocent. It is very hurtful and I hope books like this will assist in putting the lies to rest.

  2. Kerry

    Michael’s legacy will always be with his fans who he adored, we will never forget and we will always stand up and fight for him. It saddens me to know there are people out there who still judge what the forget is he was found innocent of all accounts!

  3. Grace

    I’m glad more books like these get published, ones that speak the Truth and not lies. It saddens (also angers me, sometimes) how some people believe anything in the media ,without doing the research. Some people don’t take that further step to find out if what is said is true, and it leads to ignorance, wrong information being passed around, and unecessary hate/judgement being thrown at an innocent person, such as Michael.
    I hope that more people discover the truth and see Michael for who he is, loving, caring and a phenominal human being that we will never have again because of our confined minds. sigh.

  4. Sandra O'Brien

    Michael’s vindication means that the world can focus on his artistic legacy rather than the sordid charges against him. Most of the books and research that are coming out now are positive portrayals of his genius. A guilty verdict would have closed that door forever.

  5. VNGill

    While the vindication was and is a great justice for those who seek the truth, sadly the general populace would much rather accept the entertainment of tabloid fodder. And there’s nothing more sickeningly entertaining than watching good, revered people fall. The situation isn’t hopeless though, as those same people more than likely appreciate Michael’s legacy as an entertainer, and have probably tapped their foot along to the infectious beat of “Billie Jean” more than a few times. If this is possible, is it not also possible for them to see Michael as a genius, humanitarian, artist, and truly admirable man as his fans do? My hope is that the Estate will put more effort into projects with a sharper focus on ‘the man’ Michael Jackson (such as Spike Lee’s enlightening and woefully under-promoted documentary “Bad 25”), rather than projects which focus so heavily on ‘the entertainer’ Michael Jackson that his creative input isn’t even seen as a necessity (“Xscape”, an album I personally enjoyed, though I sympathize with those who say tampering with Michael’s art is blasphemy).

  6. Denise Purcell

    I totally agree with Sandra. Most of the books written about Michael since his vindication refer to him as a genius. How sad it would have been for Michael and his fans if there would have been any guilty verdicts. We all know that Michael would not have survived any jail time. Now, it is up to us to continue his legacy and enlighten people to the truth of his death.

  7. Jacob

    Finally we have a great book to help us MJ fans fight off people who still accuse Michael of the horrid things they accused him of over the years. I can’t wait to read it and polish up on my knowledge and the truth of it all!

  8. Kam

    I would have to have this book for my collection ? I distinctly remember being 12 years old sitting infront of the TV watching the verdict and seeing Michael walk free. I’ve been a fan since birth and I ALWAYS knew he was innocent and that he would be found innocent. The lies and injustice this poor man suffered is disgusting ? they didn’t care that they were causing Michael terrible pain, they didn’t care that terrible things were being said about him or how the world treated him….all they wanted was to make a quick dollar and ruin a pure and innocent man in the process. It really makes you view people in a different way. Michael was so strong and determined to fight this no matter what….that is a true survivor and a strong man. I’d really love this book to learn more about the trial and Michael during this time. Thank you for writing this book ?

  9. Maria

    Thanks for the book!
    This horrible process showed the world that Michael was innocent and unbreakable. World needs to know what we all know.

  10. Mary

    It would be great to read this book. I knew Michael was innocent from the beginning. He was a fabulous and great person. He will always be in my heart.
    Thank you.

  11. Michelle Potier

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to win this book, I would highly appreciate it. Back in 2005 I decided to travel to Santa Maria, California to support Michael during the toughest times in his life and watch the trial in person. You do not know what he had to endure unless you saw it by yourself and had to feel the pressure inside the courtroom. It was horrible. I’m really sorry he was put through this and never really recovered from these allegations against him. I would have wished for him to be able to stand up and entertain the world again like he did all those years before, he definitely spread a lot of magic around the world. Unfortunately, I believe, even though he was vindicated Michael lost a lot of faith in humanity and mankind, in the good of people. They forced him to understand there is evil and he doesn’t have many chances to get away from it if they aim for destruction. His vindication was important, and it definitely changed the perspective of a lot of people, many people began to understand that he actually was the victim of a witchhunt just because he was “different”. Therefore it helped to keep his legacy going and growing strong. I think the more people look at it retrospectively they’ll understand even more what people have done to him just because they weren’t able to understand that he had great intentions. But to be honest, to me his vindication was just the showdown after a horribly long episode, because in my heart I knew what to believe anyway.

  12. Fahad

    Read conspiracy theory, redemption, remember the time, the Michael Jackson tapes, the magic and the madness, untouchable, my friend Michael among others including books by haters and accusers to get a complete picture of the whole case as im a mj fan till the end and plan on spreading the truth
    And will surly read this one
    If I don’t win it then I’ll order it
    Cause these are the kind of books and information the public needs and I salute this kind of work and the authors behind it

  13. mikki

    the problem in our society regarding child abuse is very complex in the sense that oncce someone has been labeled as a abuser the opinion of the media and the general public is that this person is guilty and even in the aftermath of having been proven guilty in a court of law the memories for a lot of people will stay in the first stage of bein accused,never to be forgotten ,no matter what its this black hole were once you are entered into it no matter what you will never be seen as the same person again, because in most cases these abusers are never found guilty to were we as the public is comfortable with their sentence and so we always make assumptions on wen someone is accused could they really be innocent, our society and the people we think are there to seek justice really don’t , i remember all the abuse going on in the church, Boystown ect no one has ever been held responsible if they were its was less then someone that got caught with weed, we somehow treat abusers with less of a sentence and we still have some out there still abusing but our law turns the other way, why? as for Michael he has and would never fit the abuser profile no matter what poeple think, wen you have been a victim you know there are traits that you just know about that not everybody can see, and we can also spot fake accusers also more than the law can. and again he wasn’t one , if anything he was the victim of a bigger circle of abusers. think about it this way a pedophile doesn’t discriminate with it comes to children theres and there families are included in the abuse in one form or another they cannot just stick to the outside child. and child abuse isn’t about the sex either its about control,total control of another human person they prefer them in smaller packaging because its the bigest taboo and to conquer it gives you a high like no drug on earth could give you, when you analyze the profiles and bio of previous abusers you can see the connection.
    Michael may have won the cases he was accused of but he never won the right to be free from the label sadly. and that alone can damge you in the eyes of alot of poeple and given that the media and the witch hunters never let it die didnt help with tom dick and jane to forget his label sadly that’s the truth, but in the end the ones that loved him unconditionally are the ones that have kept him surviving what the media and hunters put him trough and still do now,they destroyed a great man that our world will never experience again. thats the only label he should have that he tried so hard to be a child protector without any conditions on who the child was where they came from and what their future would be,he loved our children unconditionally and we as the mass population took that away from our children the only one that really cared for all of them, in that will never be duplicated by no one. ever .

  14. LeAnna

    Michael was an avid reader & would read anything and everything he could get his hands on, except the tabloids. It’s a shame that there was so much negative written in comparison to all the positive that could have come to light, but didn’t. Of course I haven’t read this book but I’m hoping that it is filled with facts and insights of what actually happened in that courtroom. Michael’s library was filled with books from Hemingway to King & now maybe he can add D Francis!

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  16. Juan

    Yes, he was vindicated ten years ago, he was clear on all counts, he was innocent.
    It was already the case in the 90’s when all this crazyness popped up but it kept haunting him for the years to come.
    Michael wanted to make the world a better place, he loved the planet so much, so did he for ALL THE PEOPLE living on it, particularly children.
    He wrote songs, poems, album liner notes, gave speeches to offer propositions to protect them more in front of high-dutied, nodding adult audiences, visited countless of hospitals to give presents to sick children, gave millions of dollars to help pay children care for cancer or other terrible diseases and accidents, refurbish child care centers, create his own foundation to make children’s wishes come true before they – who learned not to complain as they were in a fight for their life, gathering all their strength and mind- were not stronger enough to even make a single wish again…
    But wherever Michael went, whatever Michael did was turned into bogus claims, phoney arguments, distorted stories to BREAK HIM DOWN! The target: one of the wealthiest, the greatest celebrity yet the kindest man down here.
    Ironically, ALL WHAT HE COULDN’T ABIDE in this world that had always been TRANSPIRED in his voice, his moves, his heart or his soul WAS HELD AGAINST HIM by jealous, greedy, malevolent ADULTS from all social categories or cities around the world, e.g very rougly put: ‘he’s a weirdo, listen to his voice’, ‘Wacko Jacko is back again, look at his face with the surgical mask on!’, ‘he has bought Elephant’s man bones’, ‘he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber’, ‘he ain’t black, look at his skin’, ‘he’s a child molestor’, ‘he’s not like us, look he lives in a Disneyland-like place’ etc.
    The ultimate punishment was to see that CHILDREN stated that he acted wrong with them. Michael knew for sure CHILDREN could not lie but ADULTS could, he was certain ADULTS could TRANSPIRE in the most innocent and believable humans on Earth i.e CHILDREN their evil-oriented thoughts or actions for a combination of MONEY & FAME, pursuing what their ‘scapegoat’ had honestly and genuinely been awarded just by his direct, straight-forward, pure sense of L.O.V.E and RESPECT.
    In 2005, he had to proved to the world again he did all but good as an artist, a humanitarian and a human.
    Though it has been such a long and painful journey for a single man, even if he never really recovered after wrestling against the obvious and the acknowledged, Michael was vindicated ten years ago, he was clear on all counts, he was innocent.

  17. Louise Barrett

    What did the vindication mean to Michaels legacy?
    Ever since Michael was a child, people seem to have forgotten he was human. Yes Michael means so much to the world and the love from the fans is so real, but he could hardly live normally. Ever. Not since he broke records but before he even reached young adolescence. Then when the trial began and ended, the world got no performance or award show. We simply had a man before us. But by the time we saw the human, he was broken and hurt by the evil intentions of others. As a child looking at the coverage of the verdict, all I could think was ‘that person looks sad and lost’ and ever since then I followed Michael, his music, his journey. To me that day in June cemented the human side of a talented man who we all love and even the greatest and charismatic people can be hurt even when they triumph injustice.
    I love you Michael

      1. Louise Barrett

        Oh yes I only just found about it tonight. I hope Im not too late. I apologise for the late reply

        1. Q

          Terrific! We have forwarded your details onto the Author who will send out your Prize. Congratulations, and we hope you enjoyed the Episode, and please enjoy your Prize! [-Q]

  18. Reny

    I think these books will be an excellent read and a fantastic source for fans and critics alike to shed light on “the other side” of the court hearings. As MJ sang, “Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the T.V. screen, don’t make it factual…” The media would spin the story for ratings or to sell papers. It’s time for the world to
    read, in black and white, the truth of Michaels innocence.

  19. Criselda Yuayan

    Am a big fan of Michael Jackson since I was about 9 years old. Whatever the media’s said about mj I strongly believe he is INNOCENT! that’s hundred 101%! Because I believe medias’ is a powerful in the eye on the world. If people will only watch and listen they will probably believe of what the media said. But if you are smart enough you will never believe or judge straight away without knowing the truth behind the camera. I hate media because they are against Muslim as well and they’re all showing only the report to people according what they wanted to say even tho it’s all big lie! I’m Catholic and I never judge anyone without knowing the truth or what the truth behind the story. This what media’s doing now as well to MICHAEL JACKSON they like to poison people mind so that people or fans will hate mj. But as a Loyal fan as I am I will never believe because they’re all Big lies! I adore Michael Jackson, not just because am a big fan of him, it’s because I know he will never ever wanted to hurt anyone! God knows! That’s why whatever bad people will against mj we more people stand against them to protect and spread what is the real story behind. I believe those accusations are all lies because they’re all wanted to suck mj money! They will never Win! Evil will never WIN!. I’ve been looking for Michael Jackson book in navan shop but they don’t have any in the shop. I would love to get one of this book and to know more about michael jackson true story of his life. I love Michael Jackson not just because he is the king of Pop or King of Entertainment, I admire and adore mj because of his lovable personality. He is beautiful a person IN and OUT. XXX

  20. Kory

    In the long run, I believe Michael’s vindication will be mostly what is remembered about this trial. At this point in time, we are still too close to and affected by the horrendous display of “journalism” that went on during the trial, but great projects like this will shed light on the truth and maintain Michael’s legacy.

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