129: Talitha Linehan Special

The MJCast is delighted to announce that its first show after International Women’s Day 2021 is also its first ever all-female episode! Vibrant duo Talitha Linehan and Talin MacArthur join host Elise Capron for a special episode about Talitha’s recently published memoir, A Real-Life Fairy Tale: Michael Jackson and Me, as well as both of their amazing fan experiences, and the final years of Michael Jackson’s life. Talitha is a writer originally from County Cork, Ireland, and has lived in the United States since 2005, currently residing in Los Angeles. Her memoir details the 13-year period during which she traveled all over the world to see Michael, including seeing 17 HIStory Tour concerts, meeting him all over the world, attending the 2005 trial, visiting Neverland Valley Ranch, and becoming a daily presence around him during his final years. Talin, who lives in Pasadena, California, is a close friend of Talitha’s, and was part of the small group of fans who saw Michael Jackson frequently from 2008-2009. Talin had her own amazing experiences as a young fan, as well, having attended the 1993 Super Bowl, and the filming of “Will You Be There”. This in-depth discussion gives amazing insights into what it was like to be a true mega-fan and “follower”, into Michael Jackson’s relationship with his fans, and provides invaluable perspective on The King of Pop’s state of being during his last, tragic days—a time which, for many fans, is still shrouded in mystery and conjecture.

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2 Replies to “129: Talitha Linehan Special”

  1. Des

    I finish listening to the show about fifteen minutes ago and I still have tears rolling down my face,what a beautiful girl beautiful soul beautiful heart both of them ,it feels like Michael transfer some of his qualities and his pure heart and soul to her.It takes a good human being to still feel the way she feels for the unjust that done to him. I called this love pure love she loved him without expectations and still does and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for this interview and for being who she is, she needs a megaphone to tell the world everything she said on the interview and that the world is in desperate need for people like Michael and people like her you can tell from miles away that she’s got a heart of gold. I do believe that all Michaels fans are good people but some of them they press the activation button if it wasn’t for his fans were will be now!Thank you to the Mj cast for making it possible for so many of us to have access to the these exceptional people .

  2. DiDi

    Oh my Talitha, that How should Michael be remembered part? My tears are falling, what beautiful words for a beautiful soul- if only the whole world could hear that!!
    Thank you both on behalf of us all for all the joy and unconditional love you gave Michael, and for trying so hard to save him. Knowing that HE knew he was not alone in those final days warms my heart.
    Thank you SO very much, and thank you MJCast for allowing these amazing people to be heard.
    Talitha I have ordered your book.


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