156: The Case for Innocence Special

Sheryl and June Valone join Elise Capron and Charlie Carter for a discussion about the origins and behind-the-scenes stories of their podcast series, “The Case for Innocence“.

Growing up as a young Michael Jackson fan, June was passionate about learning everything she could about the King of Pop and his music. But when “Leaving Neverland” was released in early 2019, her mother, Sheryl, was concerned about how to handle this information. Would she have to explain to her daughter that her icon was not the hero she thought he was? Believing in the power of due process, Sheryl chose to do her own research so that she could give her daughter the truth, whatever that might ultimately be. In the course of what became an extensive personal investigation over the course of many months, and which expanded into researching each set of allegations against Michael Jackson, Sheryl realized that the evidence overwhelmingly pointed to Jackson’s innocence. She was also shocked by how many major media outlets and well-known figures had completely disregarded or manipulated the actual facts of the allegations. With a mission to share the truth, Sheryl and June decided to create a deep-dive podcast series which covers every detail of the Chandler allegations, the Arvizo allegations, the Robson allegations, and the Safechuck allegations. They leave no stone unturned, and give a fair and balanced perspective in their approach. They have also created an impressive website which documents, in detail, their sources, and provides a wealth of additional resources for listeners.

In this chat, the team talk about their original motivations for creating this podcast, what the process has been like for them, the reception from the fan community, their experience now that Season One is out in the world, their plans for continuing to reach new listeners, and what we can expect from Season Two.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

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