149: Violet Gaitan Booker Special

Violet Gaitan Booker joins host Elise Capron, with guest co-host Velo Kristina, for an incredible discussion around her time working for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Violet (known as Violet Gaitan Silva at the time) was a key staff member at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch from 1991-2005. Violet started at the Ranch as a security officer, eventually becoming Chief of Fire and Security, and finally oversaw Safety and Human Resources for twelve different departments, from Fire/Security, to Grounds-keeping, House-keeping, the Amusement Park, Zoo, and much more. Violet also gave testimony in the 2005 trial, in which Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all abuse allegations, and, after she left Neverland, she went to work as an investigator for Robert Sanger, defense attorney for Michael Jackson alongside Tom Mesereau.

In this discussion, the ladies discuss Violet’s amazing stories of working for Jackson for fourteen years, including how she began working at Neverland, what is was like working at the ranch on a day-to-day basis, the logistics of hosting large groups and VIP guests, interactions with staff, her memories of Michael Jackson as a boss and insights about him as a father and individual, and much more. They also talk about the time period around the allegations, clarify some statements made during the trial, and discuss in detail her unique feelings about this special place where she spent so much time.

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull and Charlie Carter. It was saved by John Cameron.

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