165: Both Sides of a Funky Coin

Elise Capron and Jamon Bull are joined by Andy Healy, Casey Rain and first-time guest Bobby Huntley for a round-up of news in the world of Michael Jackson, and a discussion around an intriguing upcoming film project based on the lives of MJ and Prince. The team chats about recently leaked footage from the 30th Anniversary rehearsals, the results of the Heal LA auction for a walk-on role in the MJ biopic, casting updates for that film, and the star-studded premiere of MJ: The Musical in London. Their main discussion topic is around a live-action film-in-development, called Royalty At the Park, which is created by Bobby, co-written by Andy, and with Casey as a Producer. Based on true events, it is set in the spring of 1988, and images the meeting of icons Michael Jackson and Prince at the Paisley Park compound. With so much myth built up around these two artists, particularly in terms with their interactions with and feelings for each other, the film is fodder for lots of interesting, deep-dive discussion.

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull.

Discussion Topics
• More 30th Anniversary rehearsal footage has leaked.
• Heal LA auctioned a ‘walk-on’ role for the Michael Jackson Biopic.
• Following Miles Teller as John Branca, more casting updates for the biopic have been announced, including the Jackson 5, and Laura Harrier as Suzanne de Passe.
• MJ The Musical has premiered in London.
Royalty at the Park is coming!

Additional links
• Royaly at the Park website.
• Bobby Huntley’s Twitter, and main filmmaking website. (And his early-on YouTube review of MJ: The Musical!)
• Andy Healy’s Twitter, MJ101 series of ebooks, website, and albumism reviews.
• Casey Rain’s Twitter and YouTube channel, The Violet Reality.

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