Episode 009 – Sausage Fest?

Episode 009 - Sausage Fest? YouTube ArtJamon and Q discuss a range of exciting issues with guests Jerome Horne and Marni Carlsson. Topics include The Jackson’s recent appearance on American Idol and their upcoming ‘Proms in the Park’ performance, a new Janet Jackson album for 2015 and further discussion on Dimitri Reeves and the Baltimore Riots. We also delve into a fantastic question which was sent in by listener Austin Ernst around what Michael would be doing artistically if he were still alive. Please note, the recording of this show wrapped just minutes prior to Janet Jackson announcing her new album and world tour on the 16th of May, 2015. We’re pretty good at predicting the future though right…?

The Jackson’s performance on the American Idol Season 14 finale.
The Jacksons to headline BBC’s Proms in the Park 2015.
New Janet Jackson album coming in 2015?
Revisiting the Baltimore Riots and Dimitri Reeves.

Discussion Topic
Austin Ernst AKA @TheCreativeArtAPE asks on Twitter “If Michael would’ve never passed, where would he be and what do you think he’d be doing right now in terms of the arts?”

Finds of the Week
Q – Le P’s History remix on Soundcloud
Jerome Horne – Best of Billie Jean Live montage on YouTube
Marni Carlsson – S.H. Figuarts ‘Smooth Criminal’ Michael Jackson action figure on Amazon
Jamon – Where Michael Got His Looks: Michael Jackson’s Beautiful Grandmother Crystal Lee King-Jackson. An article by Raven at AllForLoveBlog.

Additional Links
Prince’s song Baltimore on Soundcloud
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Damien Shields’ ‘MJ 50 Files’ Max Music TV Spot
Damien ShieldsXscape Origins book
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