159: E Q&A

It’s been a minute since we did a Q&A, MJFam! Elise Capron is usually the one asking the questions, but in this episode, she takes a turn in the hot seat, and answers a wide range of questions submitted by listeners, covering everything from her fan history and personal MJ picks, to thoughts on the biopic, Estate projects, her podcast guest wish-list, behind-the-scenes of The MJCast, and much more. Huge thanks to all of you who sent in submissions! It is a reminder of what a great fan community we have.

Simonpaulwilkie (Instagram)
1) Brave! 🔥 As a long time lover of the show, I’d love to know what it was like going from listener to presenter. Any surprises in how the show is put together and what it takes to make an episode. I couldn’t think of any way to say thank you better than contributing my own time to something I adore so much. Keep it up! ❤️

Xollophoto (Instagram)
2) What are all the Michael Jackson-related places you’ve visited (i.e. Thriller house) and what’s your favorite?

Charlie Carter (Twitter)
3) What is your favourite MJ song and why is it Just Good Friends?

Dane Thomson (Twitter)
4) Why is the Bad era your favourite?

Mumofsuperstars (Instagram)
5) Have you met any of the Jackson family 🙂

Etebeye (Instagram)
6) Elise, which of Michael’s concert tours do you wish to go back in time for and watch live?

Etebeye (Instagram)
7) Which movie character, past or present, would Michael have been a good fit?

Etebeye (Instagram)
8) Was Michael cool or a dud in your school growing up?

Sanja1980 (Instagram)
9) First of all thanks for all your hard work on the show! Questions: who was your favorite special guest so far and who do you wish you could interview for the show in the future?

JayKay0603 (Twitter)
10) Who are some special guests you would like to come on the show in the future, and if given the opportunity who would YOU personally like to interview if they ever came on?

JayKay0603 (Twitter)
11) And another MJ question if that’s okay, if you could be on the set of only ONE of Michael’s short films, which one would it be and why?

Genesta Coleman (Twitter)
12) Love the MJ cast ❤️👑♥️ why you don’t have a live stream ? And a call in show so MJ fans can talk openly about different topics ? 🤗🤗 Thank you so much for coming into my life.

Constantinos Isaias (Threads)
13) With no limitations, which one could have been your favorite special guests that you have like to interview?

Q (Threads)
14) Oh cool! Hello over here on peaceful Threads! I’d like to know what would be your Top 3 dream guests (living or passed.).

Q (Threads)
15) Cheeky second question(s), with talk of a director calling out Captain EO as prime material for a feature film, (I personally don’t see this happening but it could be fun), tell us about your first ever Captain EO experience, and if it ever became available as a physical product (it won’t), what would you include in the package?

Porter Wolff (email)
16) If you had a wish-list for future MJCAST Specials, who would be your top 5? Mine would be Buz Kohan, Freddie DeMann, Gary Hearne, Bill Bottrell and Nick Brandt.

Momowelz65 (Instagram)
17) What is your favourite Michael Jackson estate project, the MJ musical not included?

Xuedan Wang (Instagram)
18) Is the MJ One fan brunch on Michael’s birthday worth going to?

Joshua Klein (email) – Tucson, Arizona, USA
19) Hello Elise and the rest of The MJCast, been binging a lot of episodes for the past year now and I love the show and have been keeping up with new episodes ever since. I’ve heard plenty of discussions around everyone’s feelings towards the MJ estate and in some ways I completely agree with some of the opinions given. But as a casual fan of Michael, is it morally wrong to also buy new products/attend estate hosted events such as the birthday celebrations in Las Vegas? I like Michael and look forward to anything they put out, but sometimes I feel like I’m on a see-saw. Anyways thank you for taking the time to see my question, keep up the amazing work you all are doing and keep Michael-ing!

Porter Wolff (email)
20) If you had creative control of the estate, what would be the one project you would make and what would it include? A new album, short film boxset, album deluxes, a concert release?

Porter Wolff (email)
21) It’s been mentioned that an Estate Roundtable episode has been in the works, any update on if that is still the case?

Porter Wolff (email)
22) Do you know the level of completion for songs like “Buffalo Bill” and “Make or Break”, which are bad era tracks made with John Barnes. What about “Rich Girl”, which was made with Brad Buxer during history.

Porter Wolff (email)
23) You went to a seminar where John Barnes spoke, were there any stories he told there that you were unable to ask during his special episode? (Note to Porter: I fully intend to follow up on this question down the road! -E)

Jace Bain / MixingHistory (Instagram)
24) You’re writing the upcoming MJ biopic; how do you open and w/ what song?

Evaeva7 (Instagram)
25) And how would you close it and with what song?

Sydni Taylor (email)
26) Are you excited for the biopic? As a fan, I fear that the media will mock and pick at it the minute a trailer is released, I also fear that these movements for victims would have something to say, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if people protest against the film when it’s time for theatrical release, people protested against Victor Salva’s film which I understood because he was actually guilty, but MJ isn’t but some people aren’t open to hearing that he’s innocent, I also fear the other film directors will get the idea to make a negative movie about MJ.

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
27) Someone just told me MJ had surgery to keep his voice high. I don’t believe that is true, but I didn’t know how to definitively say there is proof.

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
28) We just saw MJ the Musical. There was a part where he was signing papers to leverage Neverland against the dangerous tour. Did something like that really happen?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
29) Black Music Archive: the voice the singing the explained Michael Jackson. Have you seen this. Is it a source to be trusted?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
30) Any news on how Taj’s project is coming?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
31) How can I watch Sonic Fantasy? It doesn’t seem to be on any platform for the average person to watch it. Thanks for all the wonderful work you all do on this podcast!

Cindy Messina (Instagram)
32) What are your thoughts on the new MJ podcast called Think Twice?

Sue Vick Finley (Instagram)
33) I recently read that Lisa Marie was a scientologist. Do you know anything about that play a role in their marriage?

Freakinuhmazin (Twitter)
34) Why do you think no one ever talks about how Lisa and Michael kept getting back together and breaking up for four more years after their divorce? I think it’s awesome that they kept clapping cheeks. 😂😁

Gsingh1385 (Instagram)
35) Would it be possible to do a round table on the Living with Michael Jackson documentary?

Sydni Taylor (email)
36) Does anyone know if Prince Jackson is still interested in being a film director?

Also, big thanks to Italian_to_go for questions on the allegations, Andrew for questions on State of Shock, and Heli Tenhunen for question about Michael Jackson’s personal believes. All of these questions were left out of this episode because Elise decided they were either better addressed by another team member, and/or should be saved for a longer discussion on a future episode!

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

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127: Season Six Christmas Special

Taj Jackson, Charles Thomson, and Q join forces to celebrate the holidays and reflect on this past year… Welcome to The MJCast’s annual Christmas Special!

Before getting into the bulk of the discussion topics, Taj breaks the incredible news that he and his wife Thayana are expecting Baby #2! The MJCast sends a special congratulations to Taj’s whole family.

The guys then discuss loads of news updates and developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including a new book by Brice Najar, the launch of a virtual edition of Kingvention, updates with Vera Serova’s lawsuit as well as the Estate’s lawsuit against HBO, a new version of the online documentary ‘Loving Neverland’, and a new film project by Jin Chohan. Plus, Taj goes into detail about progress and plans for his documentary project, ‘The Truth Runs Marathons’. This episode is full of amazing fan and Jackson Family chat, reflections on the highs and lows of this past year, and hopes for 2021.

Also, while Jamon and Elise are not able to be on this episode, they give huge thanks to Q, Charlie, and Taj for making this episode possible and for wrapping up Season 6 of The MJCast. Thanks, guys!

We also want to thank our listeners for all your support throughout the year and hope that you enjoy our episodes coming up in Season 7! Happy holidays, #MJFam!

Discussion Topics
• Brice Najar’s ‘Book on the Dance Floor: Let’s Make HIStory in the Mix’ has been released.
• Big news! Taj Jackson and his wife, Thayana Sco Jackson, are expecting their second child!
• Kingvention went online this year with KV:Global, a three hour global Michael Jackson convention including interviews with Jean-Marie Horvat and Bill Bottrell.
• Vera Serova’s lawsuit against Sony Music and the Michael Jackson Estate has received support from key consumer protection groups.
• HBO has lost their appeal against the #MichaelJackson Estate in the ongoing ‘Leaving Neverland’ lawsuit.
• ‘The Truth Runs Marathons’ update from Taj. You can help support his documentary here.
• An improved version of ‘Loving Neverland’ with non-automated narration has been released. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
• Jin Chohan is raising money money for a documentary in support of Michael’s innocence called ‘Trial By Media: The Michael Jackson Story’.

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089: John Barnes Special

The MJCast’s Elise Capron and Jamon Bull are honoured to interview renowned musician, arranger, songwriter and mixer John Barnes, who has worked with an incredibly wide range of the world’s top musicians and entertainers, including, of course, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

John has been recording music since the early ’70s, and has collaborated with artists such as Marvin Gaye, The Miracles, Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, Diana Ross, and many more. He first teamed up with the Jackson family in the early ’80s, playing synthesizer and handling arrangements on The Jacksons’ Victory album. He also worked independently with Janet and Jermaine during this time.

Captain EO
and the Bad album marked the beginning of John’s deep involvement in Michael Jackson’s solo career. While Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien were working at Westlake, John, Matt Forger, and Bill Bottrell spent their days at Michael’s private home studio at Hayvenhurst, bringing to fruition Michael’s own musical creations. John took on many different roles in the creative process. He was a musician, programmer, and developed ideas from the group up alongside Michael, including co-writing ‘We Are Here to Change the World’.

John worked with Michael in his later years as well, and spent time with him in Bahrain following the 2005 criminal trial in which he was found not guilty. Not only was John a crucial member of MJ’s creative team, but he has also had a major impact on the popular music landscape as we know it, both as a traditional musician and with his revolutionary work with synth sound programming. Today, John continues his work in the music industry as the CEO of Innersound Studios.

Additional Links
John’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
• Janet Jackson – Don’t Stand Another Chance
• U.S.A for Africa – We Are the World
• Michael Jackson’s Captain EO film
• The infamous 1983 James Brown concert where both Michael Jackson and Prince were called up on stage.
Michael Jackson – I Have This Dream (Instrumental)

Ad & Music Breaks
• Michael Jackson – Al Capone
• Michael Jackson – We Are Here to Change the World
• Michael Jackson – We are the World (Demo)

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