115: Kevin Dorsey Special

Welcome to Season Six of the The MJCast! In this special episode, Jamon Bull puts the focus back on the music with an interview featuring Kevin Dorsey, who worked with Michael Jackson for twenty-five years as his Vocal Director, Assistant Music Director and one of his background vocalists. In addition to lots of positive stories, we deep dive on two of the most topical issues amongst fans, Michael’s ever increasing reliance on lip syncing and the mysterious months leading up to his death. This is a topic Kevin is particularly well placed to speak on as he was suddenly and inexplicably let go by This Is It’s tour promoters after completing the task of assembling the live band. Kevin also goes into detail about his early career, how he initially came to work with the King of Pop and what is was like to tour together.

The MJCast team is excited for the season to come. Thank you for joining us!

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6 Replies to “115: Kevin Dorsey Special”

  1. alexinou

    Fantastic episode. It might have started a bit sad with a lonely Jamon instead of a dynamic pair of hosts, but you learn a LOT from Kevin’s insights and Jamon doesn’t shy away from the tough topics. I strongly recommend this episode 😃
    Cool new intro with great quotes from Michael and both your voices 🙂
    Then onto the episode, Kevin has such a deep voice, it’s mesmerising. Was it him with the awesome ad-lib during the Billie Jean dance routine on the Dangerous tour?
    I noticed how Jamon tried to end the conversation around Dangerous on a positive note and Kevin starts talking about how horrible things were around with tabloid coverage.
    LOVE that Prince Charles story, though 😁
    Good editing to insert the commercial breaks seamlessly, with the visuals changing on the podcast app as they run. You can tell they were edited to be short but it felt long. If you talk a lot about how amazing a product is, you risk losing credibility, I’d recommend balancing it more with the family business and environmentally-friendly aspects, which might encourage listeners to support it more.
    I love how Jamon asks Kevin “so, vocally, what’s your favourite song?” and he mentions like 10 of them 😁
    In a nutshell, it takes a moment to get over “lonely Jamon” and get into the mood, but it’s a fantastic first episode for a very strong start for season 6, great questions, very informative, very personable guest, and an incredibly exciting announcement from Kevin at the end! 🤞🏼

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


    Thank you so much for your content and interview with the MJ cast Jamin bull and Kevin Dorsey I enjoyed it very much it was truthful and honest thank you thank you thank you I enjoyed it

  3. Mira

    I appreciate how truth-centered such interviews are. In a way,I feel closer to Michael whenever I listen to these kind of specials. The host asked the kind of questions that allowed Kevin Dorsey to give incredible insight into Michael the performer, which I appreciate very much.

  4. J. Leone

    Kevin should have been a witness at the AEG trial. This information he shares, shows there was deceit going on with “This is It”. It is obvious they didn’t want anyone around who could sound the alarm at Michael’s decline. It is heartbreaking!

  5. Kris

    This interview didn’t feel like 2 hours at all. I enjoyed listening to every second of Kevin’s interview from learning about his contribution to Ferris Bueller to that hilarious Siedah story. Well done, Jamon! While I understand that some people who worked closely with Michael couldn’t entirely discuss their true opinions on certain issues, especially when it comes to the Estate, I appreciated Kevin’s honesty. I’m sure all fans who listened to this episode appreciated his no-holds barred, no sugar coating answers to Jamon’s questions, especially on Kevin’s revelatory stories during This Is It. Again, I’m glad you guys were able to get Kevin to come to the show! Thank you!


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