115: Kevin Dorsey Special

Welcome to Season Six of the The MJCast! In this special episode, Jamon Bull puts the focus back on the music with an interview featuring Kevin Dorsey, who worked with Michael Jackson for twenty-five years as his Vocal Director, Assistant Music Director and one of his background vocalists. In addition to lots of positive stories, we deep dive on two of the most topical issues amongst fans, Michael’s ever increasing reliance on lip syncing and the mysterious months leading up to his death. This is a topic Kevin is particularly well placed to speak on as he was suddenly and inexplicably let go by This Is It’s tour promoters after completing the task of assembling the live band. Kevin also goes into detail about his early career, how he initially came to work with the King of Pop and what is was like to tour together.

The MJCast team is excited for the season to come. Thank you for joining us!

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