Episode 025 – Right Place, Right Time… Black Magic

Episode 025 - Right Place, Right Time... Black Magic YouTube Art

On this episode of The MJCast, there’s plenty of news and discussion on Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Jamon and Q are joined by Paul Black, a long time Michael Jackson fan and Q’s first ever ‘MJ mate’. Paul’s been fortunate to have had some great Michael Jackson experiences, both here in Australia and in Los Angeles, including meeting Michael, doubling for Michael, and singing a Michael Jackson song on stage with none other than the legendary PrinceIn this episode, the guys talk about Miguel’s performance of She’s Out of My Life at the Grammy’s, some rough cut Captain EO leaks, more ‘making of’ footage leaks from the set of Black or White and Ghosts, a new snippet of Michael Jackson’s Ghosts (including never before heard ad lib vocals), the passing of Jackson family friend Majestik Magnificent, Donald Trump’s ‘interesting’ thoughts on his friendship with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson’s future performance at the Dubai World Cup, why the Michael Jackson Estate is suing the owner of KingOfPop.com and Quincy Jones‘ lawsuit against the Estate and Sony going to trial in June.

This episode’s main discussion topic is all around friend of the show Paul Black and his experiences with Michael Jackson, seeing Michael live and even meeting him.Thanks so much for listening to the internet’s premiere podcast on all things Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. We hope you enjoy this episode of The MJCast!


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  • Paul Black’s Michael Jackson experiences

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8 Replies to “Episode 025 – Right Place, Right Time… Black Magic”

  1. Carley

    Great Show as always, Loved Paul Black’s MJ stories what a great experience he had, he was for sure there at the right place at the right time. Would love to see Paul back on the show again.

    and (SPOILER:) Thank you again for that special mention. It’s nice to know you enjoy my live tweeting, otherwise I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t. Bring on the next ep.

  2. Deb

    Great show guys and I LOVED hearing the stories about MJ, thank you Paul Black…how blessed you are. And congrats to Jacob. I can’t wait for the upcoming shows. Keep up the GREAT work guys.

  3. Sue C

    Great show, thank you, really enjoyed listening to it! Missed you over the winter break. Thank you for all the news updates and sharing your thoughts on current MJ events. Loved hearing Paul share all of his memories of his experiences with Michael, he is such a colorful and vibrant storyteller. The details about each encounter made you feel exactly what it must have been like to be there, a real gift for fans like myself who never saw Michael in person. Paul’s a testament to the reality of fate, luck and the power of persistence when following your instincts and passions. So true what is said about not letting costs and inconvenience get in the way of pursuing a once in a lifetime experience.
    Don’t worry Q, we in the States know that our current political scene is a bit out of control and many of us are aghast at the comments that we continually hear, we do a lot of ranting on our own! Calmer and more intelligent heads will prevail in the end….we pray….
    Thanks again for all of your efforts at The MJ Cast, you’re one class act!

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