Episode 024 – They’ve Got Chalk to Sell

Episode 024 - They've Got Chalk to Sell YouTube ArtOn this premiere episode of The MJCast’s second season, we kick off 2016 with plenty of news and discussion on Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. Jamon and Q are joined by The MJCast’s regular guest and legal expert Charles Thomson and newcomer to the show Andy Healy, author of the incredible MJ101 series. Andy is a long time MJ fan, having written a number of eBooks on Michael’s audio and visual art. These are must haves for any fan, budding or of vintage…and did we mention that they’re free?! In this episode, Andy tells us about his latest Off The Wall eBook, which then leads us in into a discussion on the latest Michael Jackson release, an Off The Wall reissue which is bundled with the new Spike Lee documentary film, Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall. In other news, artist Miguel is set to perform on this years Grammy Awards as a tribute to Michael, and to promote the upcoming Off The Wall reissue. In Jacksons news, the brothers wow crowds across Switzerland in the spectacular Art On Ice touring show. The MJCast also delves into the controversy around English actor Joseph Fiennes being cast to play Michael in a fictitious comedy film set around Michael, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando fleeing New York City after the 9/11 tragedy. Next, the boys offer their opinions on the Super Bowl 50 half-time show and Beyonce’s subtle Michael Jackson tribute.

The second half of Episode 024 begins with Charles Thomson giving an expert breakdown on the Serova V Cascio/Porte/Estate/Sony case. Make sure to access this link to read the latest documents in the case exclusively at The MJCast. And will someone call a plumber?! The leaks just won’t stop! The MJCast breaks down the recent Dangerous Tour concert and rehearsal video leaks courtesy of MJ Beats. A new book from the creators of The Dream Lives On podcast and The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, takes a sophisticated, academic approach to understanding Jackson’s art and life, providing insights into his entire body of work from a perspective never before available outside of music/culture journals. Lastly, we delve into our main discussion topic, our thoughts on the new Spike Lee Off the Wall documentary. We look forward to hearing your thoughts also! And in Season Two, our popular Finds of the Week segment returns! Thanks so much for listening to the internet’s premiere podcast on all things Michael Jackson and the Jackson family. We hope you enjoy our first episode of Season Two!


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6 Replies to “Episode 024 – They’ve Got Chalk to Sell”

  1. Denise

    I finally had a full day for myself to listen to this most recent episode. It is so cool how I agree with just about ‘everything’ that you guys have been saying regarding all the topics. However, I’d like to defend Michael’s lip syncing after the Bad era. Michael was known for his dancing as well as his vocal ability and after all he was human. (Which is sometimes hard for us to believe!) As he aged, I would think that if he focused on the vocals, his dancing would suffer and vice versa. Since Michael was a perfectionist and wanted to put on the best performance he could for his fans, I understand why he had to lip sync much of the show.

    Did you guys see the new 28 minute footage of Paris and Prince? Paris even commented on her nipples on Instagram 😉 I thought it was so awesome that we could see how MJ taught Prince to be a director at such a young age. The other video I watched recently, was the fan footage from the 30th anniversary show.

    Lastly, will you be reading Leonard Rowe’s book? Since I agree with Keya Morgan about MJ being murdered, I’m interested in purchasing Rowe’s book.

    Fabulous job on your first episode of 2016! Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Jacob Rathjen

      I’m on the same boat with you, Denise, I too defend his lip syncing after Bad era.

      I loved that footage and it was great that Paris shared that, just to confirm that she was ok with the leak. 😛


  2. alexinou

    First episode of the year and great discussions and topics, with two guests: journalist Charles Thomson, and author of the MJ101 books Andy Healy.
    Andy says he became a fan with – and at the time of – Off the Wall. That was over 40 years ago. Then you look at his photo. Is there some secret society that Andy, Keanu Reeves and Nicholas Cage have joined to stop ageing?

    The debate around white actors playing Michael and Hollywood whitewashing historical figures or ancient Egypt and how Michael tried to produce a movie casting black actors for ancient Egypt was interesting.
    The 1st time the Remember the Time video aired in Europe (glued to MTV Europe a whole evening!), my dad coincidentally walked into the living room, looked at the screen and scoffed at the idea that Egyptians would be portrayed by black people. “Black Pharaoes? What next?!”
    Yet, I Wouldn’t necessarily blame Hollywood for this misconception – although I would for helping perpetrate it.
    I see this mis-representation and misconception as aligned with how Jesus Christ and his mother Mary are often pictured with milky white skin, blue eyes and long dark-blonde hair: people and characters represented a certain way in art because they are related to biblical events.
    It will take a bold movie maker to portray them more acurately.

    And at long last, the re-issue and documentary on Off the Wall came out. Fun reactions to listen to, I’d been looking forward to them.

    I agree with Charles about the quality of the solo tours, with Bad being the smiliest and most spontaneous tour, and History being… rather the opposite.
    But I remember that, sometime between Bad and Dangerous (so, maybe in 1990 or 1991), the news broke that Michael had been taken to the hospital because he had collpased while he had been running on a beach or something, due to breathing problem. It was on TV on the “real” news, which makes me think it really happened. I wonder if he might have had a chronic problem that made it increasingly more difficult for him to sing and dance. Or maybe I’m only looking for excuses.
    But at least, make the effort that it won’t look so obvious that you are lip-syncing. I’ll never forget that moment being in the audience with Stranger in Moscow playing, with the giant screens showing the backing singers on “♪how does it feel♪” and hearing Michael’s voice from the CD instead of theirs. Or the abysmal difference between on In the Closet bewteen the spoken words and the lip-synched chorus.
    Also I agree with the poor DVD quality for Vision, it makes no sense that it be worse than the original Dangerous and History releases, unless they tried to reduce costs by fitting more content on each disk, hence reducing the quality, which makes it a bit of a ripoff.

    To finish on a positive note, I’m glad Andy could participate in the episode, I’ve loved hearing his background and experience.

    Great dynamic between the 4 of you, very enjoyable episode 🙂

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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