Episode 004 – That’s Enough Plugging!

Episode 004 - That's Enough Plugging! YouTube ArtAuthor Damien Shields of damienshields.com joins us to discuss the Detroit Mosaic Youth Centre Michael Jackson tribute concerts, his new book called Xscape Origins which can be found at xscapeorigins.com, 3T returning to the stage on June 26th and 27th in the Netherlands and a Swedish film director creating a documentary feature film on MJ choreographer ‘Vincent Paterson’. We also discuss new MJ vocals from the Human Nature sessions, a new video of Michael performing Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough ‘live’ and Cirque Du Soleil’s documentary on the Immortal World Tour.

The Detroit Mosaic Youth Theatre MJ tribute show called ‘Make That Change’ has been a massive success!
Author Damien Shields has released his new book ‘Xscape Origins’ at xscapeorigins.com. Use offer code FriendOfMine before the 7th of April for a 15% discount!
3T will be performing on June 26th and 27th in the Netherlands.
A Swedish film director is doing a crowd funding campaign to make a documentary about one of Michael Jackson’s choreographers, Vincent Paterson. Pledge $1000 or more to see a private screening of never before seen MJ rehearsal footage!
Kon on SoundCloud has released a Human Nature remix with never before heard studio vocals from the Thriller sessions.
YouTube user 1710barton has uploaded footage of MJ performing Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough in full at a bay area nightclub in 1979.

Discussion Topic
Cirque Du Soleil and the Michael Jackson Estate have released a documentary feature film on the Immortal World Tour.

Finds of the Week
Jamon – Detroit Mosaic Youth Theatre’s ‘Human Nature’ rehearsal footage
Damien – MJ101

Additional Links
Damien Shields’ ‘Hold My Hand’ article
Charles Thomson’s Huffington Post review of Xscape Origins
Chris Cadman’s ‘The Maestro‘ book
Warren Eagles ‘Grading Michael Jackson’ article on the International Colorist Academy website
The Piano Guys’ ‘I Want You Bach

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4 Replies to “Episode 004 – That’s Enough Plugging!”

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  2. alexinou

    Great episode 4 and the 1st one where I find I have a different opinion than those expressed.
    Thank you for introducing us to Damien, I had heard of the book before without really knowing what it was about and now I can’t wait for episode 5!
    for UK folks, I think this is the same book although with an updated title:

    Regarding the discussion on unreleased material, I’d be curious to know what Damien has heard – not to divulge what, but whether or not he has heard material that is inaccessible.
    I understand that we should respect Michael Jackson’s decision not to release what he chose to keep out of the public, but I’m with Jamon on this: I am really curious and I do want to hear it. Every time I’ve heard someone say what is unreleased should stay unreleased, it was someone who’s had accessed to the material and has listened to it.
    I have no idea how much dedication one has to put into it to get to such a position where you are given access to unreleased material, so there might be a sense of “I’ve worked my butt off for that so it’s only fair I should be able to listen to it even though I think others shouldn’t”, so I’d be curious to know if Damien is aware of material that exists but that he will never listen to and if he’s happy that he will never listen to it because it respects the artist’s decision.
    I think one way or the other, it will become public, and what matters most is not “whether or not” but “when” and “how”. Should it be free to stress they are just sketches and not final products meant for sale? Should they be released on compilations called “incomplete” or “unfinished business” or something that says on the tin that we should not judge the quality?
    Maybe a future episode addresses all this, I don’t want spoilers 😁

    The Piano Guys – I want You Bach: that was FANTASTIC! I’ve only stopped listening to it in a loop, scrolling back to the start of the music, because I had arrived at my desk at work.
    Alexandre (he/him/his)

    1. Elise Capron

      You’ll hear lots more from Damien, and our thoughts on unreleased music, in future episodes, I promise! Damien is on Twitter if you want to bring up the question with him. And yes–his book has a new title now, as well as added material. It’s a GREAT BOOK, and Damien continues to be an amazing advocate for MJ, and a voice against the Cascio tracks.
      We always welcome differing opinions, of course!


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