127: Season Six Christmas Special

Taj Jackson, Charles Thomson, and Q join forces to celebrate the holidays and reflect on this past year… Welcome to The MJCast’s annual Christmas Special!

Before getting into the bulk of the discussion topics, Taj breaks the incredible news that he and his wife Thayana are expecting Baby #2! The MJCast sends a special congratulations to Taj’s whole family.

The guys then discuss loads of news updates and developments in the world of Michael Jackson, including a new book by Brice Najar, the launch of a virtual edition of Kingvention, updates with Vera Serova’s lawsuit as well as the Estate’s lawsuit against HBO, a new version of the online documentary ‘Loving Neverland’, and a new film project by Jin Chohan. Plus, Taj goes into detail about progress and plans for his documentary project, ‘The Truth Runs Marathons’. This episode is full of amazing fan and Jackson Family chat, reflections on the highs and lows of this past year, and hopes for 2021.

Also, while Jamon and Elise are not able to be on this episode, they give huge thanks to Q, Charlie, and Taj for making this episode possible and for wrapping up Season 6 of The MJCast. Thanks, guys!

We also want to thank our listeners for all your support throughout the year and hope that you enjoy our episodes coming up in Season 7! Happy holidays, #MJFam!

Discussion Topics
• Brice Najar’s ‘Book on the Dance Floor: Let’s Make HIStory in the Mix’ has been released.
• Big news! Taj Jackson and his wife, Thayana Sco Jackson, are expecting their second child!
• Kingvention went online this year with KV:Global, a three hour global Michael Jackson convention including interviews with Jean-Marie Horvat and Bill Bottrell.
• Vera Serova’s lawsuit against Sony Music and the Michael Jackson Estate has received support from key consumer protection groups.
• HBO has lost their appeal against the #MichaelJackson Estate in the ongoing ‘Leaving Neverland’ lawsuit.
• ‘The Truth Runs Marathons’ update from Taj. You can help support his documentary here.
• An improved version of ‘Loving Neverland’ with non-automated narration has been released. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
• Jin Chohan is raising money money for a documentary in support of Michael’s innocence called ‘Trial By Media: The Michael Jackson Story’.

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9 Replies to “127: Season Six Christmas Special”

  1. Sammy Duncan

    Could you ask Taj to consider the title “Justice for Michael Jackson: The Truth Runs Marathon”.

    Justice for Michael Jackson is very relevant, as the Justice for …. is being used a lot for people that have being receiving injustice in this current time on social media.

    Michael has received injustice and I think it will fit perfectly and attract people to watch.


  2. Alejandro Vega


    I have new information about the bigger picture regarding the Michael Jackson situation. I talked with Taj’s brother Taryll about my findings (backed up with sources and different lenses on the situation), and we got an email out to Taj. We are presently waiting for him to respond. In the meantime, is it okay if you could contact him about this? My bro and I want to help him out on his doc with our film skills and information.
    Basically, Michael Jackson was scapegoated by an elite that upheld racist values and sexual abuse in the world’s industries and offices of authority. By utilizing relevant and past events, psychology, sociology and racial commentary, I can demonstrate the media’s role in classically demonizing minorities and manipulating power politics to undermine decision-making. Thus, delaying any actions taken and ultimately justice for the family. I can explain more if you are able to take this into consideration. Getting to Taj is so important, bc this is info that can take the doc to another level. Exposing people and explaining psychology in the masses and media could contextualize the situations more effectively, and introduce investigations and discussions about our enemies in power.

    Thank you so much,

    Alejandro Vega

  3. Daniel


    I always thoroughly enjoy your podcasts, but this one was a bit off and disappointing.
    I appreciate that Michaels music had political messages but must we have the whole “orange man bad” chat. Regardless of your views, it’s nice listen to this podcast to escape all that so why not stay away from it!? At one point you were saying the liberal media easily assume guilt of Michael but then you went in to a rant about Trump. You sounded just like people that think Michael is guilty, without looking at evidence. The same liberal media hate on trump that hate on Michael. Likewise with Brexit. You should be able to keep an open mind over why people voted Brexit – which really is a whole different situation to Trump. It is a matter of sovereignty, not racism.
    Furthermore, must you swear so much? I like to think that children are learning about Michael with your podcasts. It would nicer if you kept it family friendly.

    Thanks for all your hard work regardless.

    Daniel from the UK

  4. Charles Thomson

    Brexit is not and has never been an issue of sovereignty, as was definitively proved by the court actions brought by Gina Miller. It is a far right project which has provably caused an enormous increase in racist hate crimes, which began during the referendum campaign and never slowed back down.

    To deny that Donald Trump is a racist is so deluded that it barely merits a response. Donald Trump is a proud, unapologetic, dangerous, thick racist.

  5. Charles Thomson

    And he’s just been tape recorded implicating himself in a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. The recording captures him threatening a state official, telling them that if they don’t fabricate an electoral fraud by the Democrats, to discredit the election result and keep him in power, he will get corrupt law enforcement to destroy their life and career.

    But please, feel free to keep defending this deranged criminal lunatic and insisting the liberal media is making it all up.

  6. alexinou

    Half-way through the episode and loving it!
    Such a relief to hear Taj describe the approach for the new programme he’s working on. To reach people, you have to appeal to their feelings so they can relate, it has to be personable.
    When Michael Jackson decided between Off the Wall and Triumph that he would become a kind of unreal mysterious persona, as decades went by he became someone the public could relate with less and less, which for the press and media made it easier and easier to label anything and everything Michael Jackson as “bizarre” and “wrong”, because “he’s not like us”, so he must be hiding something and any weird story they could come up with became believable.
    People hardly listen to facts if they go against their emotions, so, positioning it from his perspective to help the public experience his point of view and connect with him, that sounds perfect.
    Hoping to finish listening next weekend 😃

    Alexandre (he/him)

    P.S.: 100% agree that Brexit won first and foremost out of xenophobia. Those who were leavers for other reasons do exist, but were a minority.

  7. Kris Krumanaker

    I ejoy listening to the podcasts, and no pressure, just wondering what the plan is for the date of the first episode of Season 7 is. My addiction is more easily managed if I know when to expect the next dose. Love you!!


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