123: The Story of HIStory Special with Pez Jax

Pez Jax joins host Elise Capron for a discussion about his new book, The Story of HIStory, as part of The MJCast’s continued celebration around #HIStory25. Pez is a long-time Michael Jackson fan, a Marketing Director, writer, and book author based in London. He runs the media group, Sixteen11, with Sebastian Mille, and, through that company, has produced and published a range of Michael Jackson products for fans, including Iconic Magazine and his first book, Off The Wall: From The Beginning – Brick by Brick. In 2019, Pez wrote the article “Why you should play Michael Jackson’s music more now than ever before”, which received international print and television press coverage. Pez is also co-founder of the well-known Michael Jackson Fan Club, MJVibe.com, and has been hosting the London-based Michael Jackson fan convention, Kingvention, for several years. The Story of HIStory is Pez’s newest book, which published in both English and French editions this summer.

In this discussion, Pez and Elise chat about the creation of his book, the joys and challenges along the way, some of the best and most surprising tidbits he discovered, and the lasting legacy of Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” album. They also discuss Pez’s history as a fan, what it’s like to be a content creator in the fan community, the truth around a certain controversy, and they speculate on the future of MJ fandom.

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4 Replies to “123: The Story of HIStory Special with Pez Jax”

  1. Kerry Hennigan

    Excellent podcast. Pez is such a great guest with all his experience in the fan community, his communications/contact with various individuals who worked with Michael, his communications with the Estate (I’m not anti-estate necessarily, but I don’t always agree with what they do!) and his thoughts on things. Fascinating and informative.

    In terms of what I like and what I buy, I love his Hugo Boss suit story – I liked it, I bought it, I might sleep in it. Yes!!!

    And he is so right about the fans carrying things on irrespective of the official reps who come and go over the decades.

    PS: Blood on the Dance Floor is one of my faves, too!

    Great hosting job by Elise. Very professional. You’re the best, girl.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thanks so much for listening, Kerry! So glad to hear that you enjoyed this episode, and we appreciate your feedback. -Elise

  2. alexinou

    Completely agree with Kerry’s comment above ☺
    There are so many excellent moments in this episode, Pez is a great story teller and it is one of those episodes in the true spirit of the cast, you feel it could be a conversation with your friends, it was structured but spontaneous, fantastically hosted by Elise.
    Great insights on the Michael Bush affair, the Cascio tracks (completely agree on the reason behind them), on running Kingvention and the shop, great stories that make you relive the excitement of Pez meeting MJ, LOVED the episode.
    I would have liked to learn more about the book itself. I now know what it’s about and how the idea began, but how did it feel like to write it? What was the process? Who has Pez managed to interview? Any regrets? What was the journey like?
    When Damian Shield came to talk about his book on Escape, I was dying to buy it, I could not wait to get it, because we got such a personal yet teasing description of the process to create it. Here I felt there was too little on the book.
    The rest of the episode was fantastic, so a longer episode might have done it more justice.
    As I write this, Pez has announced the English version has gone out of print; I was hesitating between French and English, I’ll go for French and get the extra photos!!

    I love Elise’s episodes and I hope we’ll get one with BOTH hosts soon!

    Alexandre (he/him)

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Thanks so much for this supportive and constructive feedback–really appreciate it! Yes, I would have loved to go a bit deeper into Pez’s process of actually writing the book. Hopefully we can have Pez back when he publishes the next one, and chat more about this side of things. Thank you! -Elise


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