121: The New Adventures of Charlie Thomson

Charles Thomson returns to The MJCast, joining Jamon Bull for a massive catch-up on everything the investigative journalist has been up to since the release of Leaving Neverland a year and a half ago. The duo discuss Charlie’s whirlwind year, from winning national journalism awards in the UK while simultaneously losing his job, being hired for a podcast, and unexpectedly becoming the central narrator in Danny Wu’s 1993 allegations documentary, Square One. They cover back-and-forth trips to Los Angeles (featuring a cameo by Helen Mirren!), restaurant-hopping with Tom Mesereau, parties at Hayvenhurst, an HBO court hearing, and much more. And finally, Charlie talks about being hired for a Larry Nimmer documentary, and launching his own true crime podcast, Unfinished: Shoebury’s Lost Boys. It’s been an epic year for Charlie, to be sure.

Discussion Topics
• Leaving Neverland has won a BAFTA.
• Charlie’s amazing year.

Additional Links
• Charlie’s Twitter and website.
• Charlie’s new true crime podcast, Unfinished: Shoebury’s Lost Boys.
• Danny Wu’s documentary, Square One. (You can read The MJCast review of the film and see photos from the LA film premiere here.)

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8 Replies to “121: The New Adventures of Charlie Thomson”

  1. Des

    Thank you again,I can listen to Charles for hours even when he uses the (f)word that I never said in all my life it doesn’t sound like swearing in your conversation,if could only say I love you as many times as we say this word.The story about the phone call from Jordan to Michael I first read about it in vindicating Michael from Helena and how they were both crying because Michael knew it wasn’t Jordan it was his father behind everything that’s why Michael was always saying it’s not the children it’s the parents the adults, and there’s a video clip with his mother the interviewer asked her his anybody tell him that his asking for trouble again when he keeps having children around him and his mother said yes I did but Elizabeth Taylor told him and she stopped there ,and I feel that’s why Michael didn’t blame the children the only time that I heard that he said something was about the Arvizo kids.Anyway and I read all Charles achievements ,respect to all of you,stay safe and thank you again.

  2. Des

    Am sorry am meant to say I listen to all the unfinished episodes I just finish episode 7 sad really sad.Do we know were our children are?

  3. Mark

    I can listen to Charles all day. Great stories. Carol Lamere should write down every word she can remember from that phone call. Does she realize Jordan lives where she lives? Somebody should knock on his door and ask him a few questions.

  4. Didi

    God, I just LOVE Charles! I could listen to him all day. He has that magic combination of being SO hilarious yet so knowledgeable. He would be my pick (along with Tom Messereau) as ‘Who would have as a dinner guest?’ Thank you Charles and the MJCast- pure magic!!

  5. Think more logically

    I’m late, but I doubt dwayne swingler book provided he necessary context of these “boys” being there. Frank Cascio said aside from Omer Bhatti Michael never had unrelated boys around. Even the Arvizos were a rare incident and Frank was in the room as a witness the entire time.

    The “boys” Swingler saw were very likely family members. Michael helped raised several of his cousins childrens. These include Elijah Jackson, Anthony Jackson, Levon Jackson, Simone Jackson, Rijo Jackson, and many more. In fact Rijo Jackson and his sister Simone often stayed at Neverland during the short time Swingler worked there and Rijo is likely one of the “boys” Swingler saw and tried to scandalize.

    Surely you aren’t suggesting that Michael should have avoided his own blood relatives who he helped raise from birth simply because they happened to boys and people like Swingler have sick minds? That is an absurd thing to say.

    I would expect the mjcast to think more logically instead of just running with obvious innuendo from someone who wrote a book about Michael solely for money.


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