Episode 034 – June 25th Special feat. Kevin Stea

Episode 034 - June 25th Special feat. Kevin Stea Show Art

Seven years ago today on June 25th, 2009 the King of Pop, Michael Jackson tragically and unexpectedly passed away amidst preparations and rehearsals for his final live concert tour, This Is It. For fans around the world, the pain still lingers on… It’s times like today the fan community comes together to remember, honour and reflect on the magical life that was Michael Jackson’s and the love and timeless art he gave to the world.

Joking on the set

World renowned dancer, singer, actor, model, director and choreographer Kevin Stea joins us on this special episode to celebrate Michael’s life and to reflect on his time working with the King of Pop. Kevin collaborated with Michael on the Black or White and Blood on the Dance Floor short films and also the MTV 10th Anniversary Special. Not only has Kevin worked with Michael Jackson but he’s also worked extensively with other industry luminaries such as Prince, Madonna, Rihanna, George Michael, David Bowie, Lady Gaga and many, many more.

Following a conversation with Kevin, Q, Jamon and guest host Paul Black explore Paul’s experiences in Los Angeles prior to Michael’s death in 2009 and during the week leading up his Memorial before handing over to some of our listeners to discuss how Michael should be remembered. Thank-you to all contributors who submitted audio. We are also honoured to have been able to use this episode as a way to debut a beautiful spoken word poem by Angela Kande Forever and the brand new Remixed by Nick* Michael Jackson track Jam (Nick* Redux).

For fans who are struggling during this time of year, we hope this episode acts as a way for you to connect with other MJ fans around the world. In this episode there are moments of joy and moments of sadness, but through it all, remember that we are all fans of Michael. We will carry on his message of love and positivity as a way of honouring his memory and everything that he gave to the world. Together we will Michael on.


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A 2016 piece by artist and Michael Jackson collaborator Nate Giorgio.