148: It’s Been a Minute

In this regular news episode, Q joins host Jamon Bull for a round-up of all the latest news in the world of Michael Jackson. The dynamic duo discuss the Estate’s gradual reveal of bonus tracks on “Thriller 40”, the return of “This Is It” to Netflix, controversial leaked live “HIStory World Tour” vocals, a new podcast series on the Michael Jackson allegations, the new TMZ documentary, “Who Really Killed Michael Jackson”, an MJ connection to the new TV series “The Sandman”, and more. Plus, Friend of the Show Jenny Winings contributes a special report on the MJ birthday events in Las Vegas.

This episode was edited by Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” is returning to Netflix for a limited time during September.
• J. Randy Taraborrelli has revealed that CNN is working on a Victory Tour documentary.
• Vincent Paterson’s books “Icons and Instincts” has been released in English.
• Live “HIStory World Tour” vocals have leaked, and we aren’t sharing them.
• Michael Jackson wanted to star as Morpheus in “The Sandman”.
• Roundup of MJ birthday events in Vegas courtesy of Friend of the Show, Jenny Winings. A partial livestream can be seen here.
• The Estate are slowly revealing Thriller 40 bonus tracks before release. So far, “Behind the Mask (Demo)”, “She’s Trouble” and “The Toy”.
• Michael Jackson fans, mother daughter duo Sheryl and June from Virginia, are about to release the “Michael Jackson: Case for Innocence” podcast series.
•  Fox has released a new documentary called “TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson”.

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