166: A Very Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner

Jamon Bull, Charles Thomson, and Charlie Carter welcome first-time guest Danny Oliver to the show, and welcome back Anika Kotecha, co-founder of MJ Innocent, for a big fan chat around updates in the world of Michael Jackson. They discuss the leak of the Invincible-era track, “Can’t Get Your Weight Off of Me”, updates on Katherine Jackson’s case against the Estate’s MIJAC sale, a major development with Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s cases, and recent experiences at the London version of MJ: The Musical. Plus, Danny, who is well-known in the fan community for his Michael Jackson tribute performances, shares his fan story, which includes performing for the King of Pop himself, as well as performing alongside Jennifer Batten.

This episode was edited by Jamon Bull and Charlie Carter.

Discussion Topics
• The unreleased Invincible era track “Can’t Get Your Weight Off of Me” has leaked.
• Katherine Jackson’s case against the Estate’s MIJAC sale continues.
• Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s cases have been merged, amidst their lawyer’s request to access photographs of Michael’s genitals.
• Charles, Anika, and Danny’s experiences seeing the UK version of “MJ: The Musical”.
• Danny Oliver’s fan story.

Additional links
• Danny Oliver’s website and YouTube channel.
• Danny’s appearance on “This Morning” discussing the question of “Should Michael Jackson’s Music Be Banned?”
• The controversial documentary, “Wacko About Jacko”, in which Danny appeared. Also on Vimeo.

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