107: Allan ‘Big Al’ Scanlan Special

Q and Jamon celebrate Michael Jackson’s 61st birthday with a very special guest, Allan ‘Big Al’ Scanlan, who worked as Neverland Valley Ranch’s Director of Maintenance from 1990-2005. During that time, Big Al oversaw the grounds and attractions, including the theatre, rides and trains. He also became a close personal friend of Michael’s.

In this in-depth conversation, Big Al shares amazing, heartfelt stories about his life at Neverland, from what it took to keep the Ranch running, to his personal interactions with the King of Pop. He also discusses how the property became a place of refuge, entertainment, and hope for underprivileged children, and how Michael Jackson’s entire staff worked to make that humanitarian dream a reality.

The MJCast can’t imagine a better way to recognize Michael Jackson’s birthday than with this trip down memory lane, to the golden age of Neverland Valley Ranch.

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4 Replies to “107: Allan ‘Big Al’ Scanlan Special”

  1. Des

    Thank you for this beautiful episode,your took me to a journey in Neverland and what a beautiful journey that was. I close my eyes and just listen,I cried a little bit and I laughed a little bit . How we allowed those evil people stopped this man of making a huge difference to so many people’s lives for the better.He worked so hard to achieve what he achieved and then working even harder to mentane everything and shared with so many people, it’s just brakes my heart how cruel can people be.Were is the logic to all these BS did he have to spend millions and millions of dollars for others to satisfied his needs, and most of the time he wasn’t there.He was an honest gentleman a good man, a spiritual man and that’s why he lived as long as lived,no one else would have survived all these lies and all the bulling,we see it every day how people kill them selfs. If there’s a life after death Michael would know that the world loved him and still do and those ordinary people whom he felt more comfortable with don’t believe any of these lies.Love you Michael,you are my inspiration.

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  3. MJMF

    Michael said Neverland is the totality of who he was. This episode is such an intimate look into his creative soul and artistic being.


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