095: Leaving Neverland Roundtable

The recent Sundance screening of Dan Reed’s inflammatory film, Leaving Neverland, has, without a doubt, rocked the Michael Jackson community. Despite being based on the easily discredited stories of Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, and lacking any sort of real investigation, balanced interviews, or responsible journalism, this film has reignited the media’s firestorm against Jackson’s legacy, even as Michael is not here to defend himself.

In this special roundtable episode, The MJCast brings together a panel of experts and those who have seen the film and are taking action against it. Q and Jamon lead the discussion, and are joined by Taj Jackson (member of 3T and son of Tito Jackson, who is currently raising funds to produce his own docu-series), Charles Thomson (The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent and award-winning investigative journalist who has exposed a range of actual child abusers and cover-ups for The Yellow Advertiser in the UK), Marcos Cabotá (a film director who has seen the film and was one of its earlier critics) and Samar Habib (of the Michael Jackson Academia Project, who has been a leading figure in the online movement against the film).

The panellists discuss Reed’s film, the Sundance Q&A session, and the media reaction, as well as developments coming together to counter the film, such as Taj’s docu-series, which can be supported on GoFundMe. Taj also speaks to his own experiences of actually spending time with Michael at Neverland. The group offers talking points for anyone struggling with how to respond to people who say that Michael Jackson was an abuser, as well as coping strategies and words of encouragement.

Now, more than ever, it is the time to come together as fans, to support each other, and to remind the media and general public of the truth. The MJCast hopes that this episode provides resources, strength, and a sense of community during this challenging moment.

• Q (Host of The MJCast)
• Jamon Bull (Host of The MJCast)
• Charles Thomson (Award-winning investigative journalist and Legal Correspondent for The MJCast)
• Taj Jackson (Member of 3T, son of Tito Jackson and nephew to Michael Jackson)
• Marcos Cabotá (Film director best known for his Star Wars documentary, I Am Your Father)
• Samar Habib (Michael Jackson Academia Project)

• Leaving Neverland
• The reality of Robson’s relationship with the Jackson family, and why he turned on them.
• The effects on the Jackson family.
• Taj’s memories of spending time at Neverland with Michael, and what it was like being there during the 2005 trial.
• Taj’s GoFundMe campaign and his vision for the docu-series.
• How fans can combat this onslaught, and how this compares to 1993 and 2003-2005.
• Fan Comebacks 101 – Robson.
• Fan Comebacks 101 – General Allegations.
• Tips on coping, finding community, and supporting balanced opinions.

Additional Links
• Taj Jackson’s GoFundMe campaign
• Marcos Cabotá’s documentary I Am Your Father on iTunes and Netflix
• The MJCast: Episode 094 – Harrison Funk Special
• Jermaine Jackson’s appearance on Good Morning Britain
• Michael Jackson and Wade Robson: The Real Story
• Joseph Vogel’s Forbes article What You Should Know About the New Michael Jackson Documentary
• RazörFist’s The Michael Jackson Rebuttal (Part 1) and Defaming the Dead: The Michael Jackson Rebuttal (Part 2)
• Macaulay Culkin’s appearance on the Inside of You podcast
• Taj Jackson’s interview around Leaving Neverland on Sunrise
• Mary Fischer’s GQ article Was Michael Jackson Framed?
• FBI files pertaining to their ten-year investigation into Michael Jackson
• The MJCast – Episode 058: Vindication Day Special (Pirates in Neverland: The Michael Jackson Allegations)

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23 Replies to “095: Leaving Neverland Roundtable”

  1. Debbie Longshaw

    Brilliant podcast, guys, thank you so much.
    We lucky that now, unlike 2005, we now have Social Media, to bind us together, provide support & help share information.
    I cannot tell you how useful the ‘support’ section was & will be.

    I would also like to suggest, since I, like so many fans, are dreading when this ‘mockumentary’ goes on general release, that you perhaps do another podcast around or after the showing, including fans along with maybe Samar, Charlie & Taj (if he is available) to not only answer questions but to support. I fear there are many out there who will really struggle.

    Thank you & thank you for all you do.

    Get well soon, Charlie, we need you up & fighting!!

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      Sorry for this very late reply, Debbie, but I hope that you ended up enjoying the many follow-up discussions we did around Leaving Neverland! -Elise

  2. Rita Bosico

    Some other resources that might help would be
    1. Michael’s lead defense attorney in the 2005 trial Tom Mesereau addressing
    a) the trial summary
    b) Wade’s testimony (and a link to the court transcripts of what he said as a witness)
    c) the 1993 settlement
    Tom has addressed the settlement issue on other videos where he was a speaker on a panel (at Harvard etc), as well as on the King Jordan Blogtalk Radio show archives. Those links (and/or audio clips) would help.

    Thank you so very much

  3. William King

    Is it okay to re-upload this podcast to social media like YouTube? I want to share this with a larger audience but I’m not sure if it’s okay.

    1. Elise

      Hi William–
      We’ll be uploading it to YouTube ourselves in near future! 🙂
      We appreciate you wanting to share it with others.
      -Elise, The MJCast

  4. Big Bruh

    Highly informative and brilliantly articulated podcast; Charles Thomson, you sound wore down—get better soon; that’s an order!☺

  5. Thomas Roberts

    Thank you so much guys.
    I spent 2 months in 2005 for the trial and got in to court 18 times to watch the testimony and I learnt so much about British media. Control of information, lies and twists is how the media report. Disgusting and bullshit documentaries were aired after the trial by ITV, channel 4 and BBC claiming he was guilty and got off, rather than him being innocent. Unfortunately media controls minds and it’s killing Michael’s legacy.
    Something needs to be done to get the truth out there.

  6. D Koutris

    Thank you,thank you for everything but most of all for your encouragement and all your advice how to cope with all of this ,we needed that especially for many of us that we are not so active on social media,there’s millions of older fans like that all over the world,if only everyone of them knew then everything I know now through social media and through all of you. I have spent countless hours and days reading about Michael . I have to tell you I have learn so much from the blog vindicating Michael,from that blog I found about Charles too, it’s like it’s an encyclopaedia for me.Now with all this as you know Cottonon they sell Michael Jacksons T.Shirts I went and bought four of them with different prints and I ware them almost every day,today am gonna go and get more because my grandson stole the smallest one from me and we both ware them with pride walking the shopping centre, and actually people were smiling at us, and his music plays louder then ever in my car. If people want to have a discussion I don’t have a problem,but if people want to have an argument I’ll say to them (go do your research,educate your selfs about Michael Jackson,don’t ignore facts,ignorance is a disability by choice.My daughter in law from the day her son start saying a few words till today is almost seven years old they exchanging this fraze that Michael used to say (I love you I love your more I love you most).Again thank you for everything and I feel that it must be harder for Jamon being a teacher,sorry for my spelling mistakes.

  7. Ankur

    Hi guys, as of now I’m writing this after listening to your episode the previous night and as a result getting just 2 hours of sleep. It was completely worth it as I related so much to your personal anecdotes of people asking you those questions. Last weekend was pretty depressing for me but I no longer feel that it was strange to feel so low. After all, Michael has been such an influence on my life and it feels like someone very close to me is having his name dragged through the mud yet again.

    Thriller 25 made me a fan when I was 15. I knew about the trial but never really thought that he was guilty. I still remember the live telecast of him walking out of the court room with “Michael Jackson: Innocent” as the caption and feeling really sorry for this guy that I knew almost nothing about because of how worn-down he looked.

    When he announced his comeback, I clearly remember being scared for him. I felt the toll this could take on him and it was the worst feeling to see those fears confirmed. I never grew up with MJ, the superhero, and a dive into his life made me understand how incredibly difficult the last few years would have been.

    I can’t believe this is happening again but I can’t imagine this being worse than 2003-2005. Firstly, the facts are out there and a large part of the evidence supporting Michael stems from the trial. Secondly, I don’t think this documentary will reach as many as say the Bashir documentary did as it is not featuring Michael. I don’t think this will get huge internationally.

    I also believe that a large amount of people have had an emotional reaction to Michael’s music and they will be willing to listen if we, the fans, be respectful, polite and friendly.

  8. Alan

    There’s one thing that I have to say – if you’re gonna make this documentary, tread carefully and understand that the world doesn’t think like a fan. You have to convert people who are NOT fans. Something Taj said that’s unrelated to the accusations stuck out – about Oprah asking him about his skin colour. Oprah could NOT sit opposite a black icon who as far as the public were concerned seemingly became white at that point without ANY explanation and not ask him about it – especially as a black woman herself. You can’t assume that was from a tabloid hack perspective, because it’s a culturally significant question that could potentially have had far reaching consequences for the black community. So I strongly believe that a balance needs to be struck, and it has to be made with an acknowledgement of these things.

    1. Cassie

      Yeah you can sit back and have the interview without asking that question. His skin color had nothing to do with anything he’d accomplidhed. It’s called sensitivity and empathy. Sometimes you just have to weigh what’s more important …satisfying your curiosity, especially on a worldwide platform or allowing another human being to keep his dignity . It’s really that simple.

  9. Tom Lazorik

    What are your thoughts on the “MJ Facts” website? And how do I deal with them? They’ve been pestering me a bit on twitter.

  10. JM

    You speak like you are a part of religious cult. MJ had his light side and his dark. The documentary shows the dark, sorry to say.

    1. Ankur

      With all due respect, I don’t think it is as simple as that. I would have agreed with you if these ‘new’ allegations were watertight but they are not. I think this episode, the previous one and the episode called ‘pirates of neverland’ explains this in more detail than I can here. If you wish to say otherwise, please bring up some kind of reasoning based on facts and evidence. Only then can we have a discussion.

  11. Kim scott

    Absolutely brilliant what your all doing something needs to be done about that wade for all lies saying about our dear michael after saying never touched him now lying to get money AGAIN!! Sick of seeing his name on here everyday preadind all these lies!!

  12. Des

    Hello to the mj cast,I don’t have a twitter or Facebook,and this is the only way that I can communicate with you.Right now am so stressed that I don’t think I will be able to sleep.As you know sixty minutes there going to have Michael this Sunday the 24 February ,and I just saw (am not 100%but looks like her)that they going to interview Blanca Francia, and we all know the story about her,how can a program like sixty minutes that I have been watching for so many years and respect go that low,and interviewing a woman who sold lies about Michael for money. I will never watch sixth minutes again,sorry guys but this is too much.

  13. Des

    I am sorry, I just found out who is the lady that sixty minutes going to interview, and now channel 7 this is disgusting every body makes money in the expense of his children and family and fans misery.We know the truth but nobody’s listening.

  14. kwill

    This podcast aged well, IMO. Coming back listening to this now makes me really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in so far. It’s amazing how far we’ve come and still have to go.

    1. Elise Capron Post author

      So glad to hear that, and thank you for sharing these thoughts! We still have a big journey ahead of us, for sure. -E

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