Episode 012 – HairCast

Jamon and Q discuss recently released footage of Michael rehearsing to Billie Jean in 2001, newly published photos of Michael and his family from the 1970’s onwards, the Munich Memorial Petition and the Michael Jackson Estate’s fourth Accounting Report. Following this, a reflection on the recent and unfortunate death of Captain EO composer James Horner, Janet Jackson’s new single and BET appearance and finally, the prospective sale of Neverland Valley Ranch.

UK tribute artist, choreographer, author and media personality Anthony King has released new footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing Billie Jean for his 30th Anniversary Celebration concerts in 2001.
Alex DeJean and Time publish never before seen photographs of Michael and The Jacksons from the 1970’s and Hamid Moslehi has also released photos of Michael from a range of eras, including his rehearsals with Britney Spears for his 30th Anniversary concerts in 2001.
German MJ fans have invited fans from around the world to sign this  Munich Memorial Petition.
The Michael Jackson Estate’s fourth Accounting Report document summary as published by Ivy of DailyMichael.com.
James Horner, famed composer of Captain EO has tragically and suddenly passed away.
Janet Jackson has released the first single from her first album, entitled No Sleeep and recently appeared on the 2015 BET Awards.

Discussion Topic
Jamon and Q’s thoughts on the sale of Neverland Valley Ranch as discussed by Forbes and DailyMichael.com. Also take a look at Enola Lee’s website Neverland – For Michael, For Love, Forever to see some amazing photographs of Neverland, and more!
An announcement of the winners of our competition for three copies of D Francis’ book Michael Jackson: Innocent – 28 February 2005 Book 1.

Finds of the Week
Jamon – The Kelly Alexander Show and their 20th Anniversary of Scream episode which features an exclusive interview with choreographer Tina Landon.
Q – E82 The Epcot Legacy’s Captain EO: The Complete Experience album

Additional Links
Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Special
The 3T song Why from their debut album, Brotherhood
Piers Morgan’s 2012 interview with Katherine Jackson
60 Minutes’ The Resurrection of Michael Jackson segment with a special interview with Karen Langford, the Archivist of the Michael Jackson Estate
Nick*’s remix of 2Bad. Check out his Soundcloud page as well!
Author D Francis’ book Michael Jackson: Innocent – 28 February 2005 Book 1 on Amazon

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2 Replies to “Episode 012 – HairCast”

  1. Steven

    I totally agree with the Neverland thing. It is such a shame that it is (even now) close to being lost forever from the MJ family and MJ fan community. If I had the money I would buy it without a doubt. It is so sad to have it potentially lost forever. Time to enter the lottery folks!

  2. alexinou

    Great episode with great topics!
    The most important of all: Michael Jackson’s hair style. His best was the September 1995 MTV VMA, his second best was In The Closet, END OF!!
    It would be interesting to have an episode dedicated to Neverland to understand what COULD be done legally, financially and logistically, with what would be viable. Inagree with you and Steven’s comment; such a shame it’s not used to remember Michael Jackson. Maybe the state of California could buy it and make it a natural reserve and call it something to commemorate him, it would be better than… than nothing.
    Maybe that’s discussed in a futire episode, I only have about 100 to go 😁
    Great finds of the week, if you Ecosia (i. e. If you “google” with the Ecosia search) “Kelly Alexander Scream Anniversary”, you get TWO podcat episodes! One with Tina Landon and one with Travis Payne. Interesting how they share such a different perspective and it was fantastic to hear about the 2009 MTV tribute.
    Ah, James Horner, such a great composer.

    Alexandre (he/him/his)


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