132: Aileen Medalla Special

Aileen Medalla joins host Elise Capron to discuss her memoir published earlier this year, The King of Pop and I: A Filipino Teacher’s Travel Memoir with Michael Jackson and His Children. Aileen’s book covers the years 2005-2008, when she served as the Traveling Homeschool Teacher for the Prince, Paris, and Bigi while the Jackson family lived in Bahrain, Europe, Asia, and the United States. In addition to being an amazing journal of her travels all over the world, Aileen’s memoir is a unique look into the Jacksons’ personal life. Because she taught and worked with Jackson children on a daily basis, Aileen’s reflections on their family dynamics, Jackson’s role as a father, and their day-to-day lifestyles gives fascinating insights into the true Michael Jackson—what he was like as a down-to-earth human being, not just as the King of Pop.

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