116: We’re All Experts in the Rearview Mirror

Damien Shields returns to The MJCast as a guest host, joining Jamon for our first regular news and discussion episode of Season 6! Damien is a long-time Friend of the Show, author, and Cascio tracks expert. The fellas catch up on loads of updates in the world of Michael Jackson, including the Estate’s #HealTheWorld2020 video, newly leaked MJ vocal snippets, an awkward snafu by Teddy Riley, developments around Dan Reed, good news for Tom Mesereau, a beautiful film-tribute to Michael Jackson’s artistic legacy, and more. Plus, Jamon and Damien ask the question: Could HIStory 25 happen?

Discussion Topics
• Cirque du Soleil temporarily suspends MJOne due to COVID-19.
• French documentary Lettre d’amour à Michael Jackson premieres on YouTube.
• Teddy Riley claims that a previously released vocal cover of the song Joy, sung by MJ vocal impersonator Marcus Williams, is actually a demo he recorded with Michael.
• Michael Jackson’s Privacy acapella has leaked.
• Rodney Jerkins allegedly plays an unreleased Michael Jackson snippet called Rampage during a live stream event.
• Previously unreleased footage of Michael Jackson surfaces at gottahaverockandroll.com
• Dan Reed successfully gains access to film future court proceedings involving Wade Robson and James Safechuck.
• Tom Mesereau is now working as Special Counsel for John Branca, co-executor of the Michael Jackson estate.
• So #HealTheWorld2020 happened.
• Is HIStory 25 going to be a thing?

Additional Links
• Damien’s Twitter page, website, and book, Michael Jackson: Songs & Stories From The Vault.
• Dan Villalobos’ website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Orbits EP on Apple Music and Spotify.

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3 Replies to “116: We’re All Experts in the Rearview Mirror”

  1. Gal

    Sadly the estate is a business who gets 10% cut of any money they bring in and that might be why they never really put effort into anything that has little or no commercial viability.
    They have done a considerable good job in the financial and litigation part but puts little effort in appeasing the fans and to be honest nobody not even any artist can connect with his fans in the way that Michael did.
    Also I doubt there is anyone out there that could run it better than Branca considering he was well versed with the whole Michael history privy to information that we can only dream of.
    As he is not a young man we are assured that his reign at the estate is not going to last too much longer and finally when the children get control of it they will correct all the wrongs like pulling down the fake tracks and getting the right person to handle MJ social media and channel the effort into what Michael was all about.

  2. Constantinos Isaias

    Thank for the show! I am listening now. Las Vegas Strip and all hotels are closed. Just to update you on that. It’s not only the MJ show. Hopefully by the summer vegas will be back and running! I miss my vegas road trips

  3. Slavice

    Always great to hear another Australian on the MJCAST!😎Gold Coast is Amazing, sorry about your job, global and chin up, keep up the good work 👌


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